Never Be Dull

APRIL 6, 2014


Coming out of the winter season, it’s easy to feel a little dull. Snowy days, grey skies, lots of time indoors, and strong heaters wrecking havoc on our skin can definitely have us feeling drab.

As we gear up for spring, we’re excited to help you get into the anti-dull mindset by introducing you to an awesome new partnership we’re launching with St. Ives. We’ve always been fans of the St. Ives skincare products (um, who didn’t use the Apricot Scrub growing up), but mostly we feel aligned with St. Ives’ new brand message: Never Be Dull.

We’re going to be honest with you, there are times when we definitely do feel a bit dull and not too exciting. Who doesn’t? It’s normal. It happens. It means you’re human!

That being said, we try our best to make those moments infrequent. Because the truth is, even if you spend all winter hibernating indoors or you spend every weekday living out the same 9-5 routine, there are still intricacies about you – your personality, your past, your experiences – that make you unique, vibrant and one-of-a-kind. Nobody is like you, and for that alone you’re never dull.

Once we started thinking about this, we realized that we wanted to hear from some of you about your own stories. So over the next few months, we’ll be doing just that by showcasing stories from fantastic women who try to live their lives with passion and purpose.

To kick it off, the Quarterlette ladies are going to share what never being dull means to us starting next week. Let us know what you think and be sure to join in on the conversation by tweeting at us with the hashtag #NeverBeDull.

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