Making the Most of Every Moment

MAY 18, 2014


The world is full of certain irrefutable truths. Yes, you will at some point wear white and find yourself on a collision course with red wine. Yes, you will probably spend quite a bit of time over-analyzing a text only to respond with an underwhelming smiley face. But the very best of those irrefutable truths is the fact that through all of these little lumps in life, you’ll be fine.

I’ve been more than guilty of all of the above, and then some. I’ve been frightened about my life, worried that the things I want are too big.  Somewhere in the thrum of the everyday, and all the chaos that we humans tend to create, I realized I’d lost some parts of myself that I loved the most. The fearlessness, the spunk. For so long I’d been dwelling on expectations rather than staying true to that drive.

One day I woke up and it all clicked: the only person I will ever hate to wake up to every day is me, and I better be happy with who that person is. Once that alarm sounded in my brain, it was as if someone turned the movie from black and white to Technicolor.

We have a choice, every single day: we can choose to drag our feet in this life as if we’re just punching a time clock, or we can dig into every moment. Being brave doesn’t always match the dictionary definition. Sometimes it means laughing when you spill the wine, jumping in headfirst, and celebrating the fact that you aren’t even capable of being dull.




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