A Desire to Explore

APRIL 14, 2014


Standing in the middle of a desert in the outskirts of Dubai last October, I felt more like myself than I had in awhile.  Even though I was approximately 6,833 miles from my home.

I love to travel but I definitely won’t claim to have traveled all over the globe, because I have not.  I wish I could be that person who runs off to a new exotic location every month, but no, that’s not me.  While I have been lucky enough to explore a variety of destinations in my twenties, there are still so many places I dream about visiting…and months of saving that need to happen before I get there.

But regardless of how long it takes me to save, I try to make it a priority.  Because leaving home and visiting somewhere new makes me feel energized in a way that not much else can.  From rappelling down waterfalls in Costa Rica to dancing with friends through the streets of Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong to skiing down the powdery slopes in Colorado, travel brings out the adventurous, light-hearted, curious, live-in-the-moment side of myself.

It also brings out my independent side when I have to go exploring on my own. I’ve roamed through the streets of London, the ruins of Rome and the Souks of Dubai by myself while my travel buddies are busy doing other things.  And there’s something so exhilarating about that, just grabbing your map (I love maps) and getting lost in the best possible way.

I think that travel is so special to me – and I’m sure for most people – because it’s an escape. It’s an opportunity to step out of my day-to-day life for a period of time and learn about other people, uncover new food, see picturesque landscapes, shriek (happy shrieks) during challenging and adventurous activities that I wouldn’t normally do, and simply not have to worry about too much besides soaking in the surroundings.

To me, never being dull means figuring out what gets you all giddy with excitement – in my case, travel – and finding ways to integrate that into your life.  Maybe, if you’re lucky, it’s something that you can experience every day…like running (ok, who runs every day…I mean every few days).  Or maybe it’s something special that you only get to experience once or twice a year, but with which you come away with incredible stories to share.






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