To 20-Somethings, From a 20-Something

DECEMBER 9, 2013
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I see new articles every day about advice for those of us traveling through our wonderfully confusing, ever-passing twenties.  I wanted to write something for my fellow twenty-somethings, because although knowledge and advice from those older is valuable, sometimes it’s nice to hear another person say, “I’m here too.”

The topic that immediately comes to mind is making mistakes – beautiful, flawed mistakes.  There is a notion out there that we are supposed to know everything before we even begin our journey. Maybe it’s a result of our constant access to knowledge – i.e browsing the internet.

We think simply because the information is available, or we did the internship, or had that relationship, that mistakes are inexcusable. When we make a mistake we often automatically look at it as a failure that could have and should have been avoided.  I wholeheartedly disagree with this (at least on my good days). Make those mistakes – because with a mistake comes a lesson, and with a lesson comes knowledge that “Wikipedia” will never be able to teach us.

We are not our mistakes, our imperfections, or our failed attempts. The battle between fear and love happens every day.  But over time we can learn to look fear, rejection and imperfection in the eye and choose instead to see ourselves with love. I try to embrace moments of confusion and doubt, let myself feel every sensation within, and then stop and change to a positive perspective.

Every day we get scared, we feel alone, we fail, and we worry. But we also pick ourselves up and remind ourselves of the endless possibilities gratitude and loving yourself hold. Remember that the key to your happiness is always within.


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