The Moving Diaries: New Chapters

DECEMBER 19, 2013


Quarterlette is launching a new series called The Moving Diaries, featuring stories about moving apartments, moving cities, moving back home, moving in with someone….you name it. There is always a story behind a move or a story within the space prior to the move – whether good stories (higher salaries and bigger apartments, an adventure in a new country, a new marriage) or challenging stories (moving on from the end of a relationship, moving home after leaving a job).  If you have something to share, let us know!  The first story is from Qlette Co-Founder Rachel as she moves apartments this week.  And as you’ll see through her piece below, some moves aren’t dramatic with crazy life changes.  Some moves are simple.  All moves, however, begin new chapters.

I’m currently sitting among dozens of boxes, stuffed suitcases, trashbags, and dust.

I am moving apartments tomorrow, and as I usually do with every apartment, I have a fairly sentimental last night looking at all of the packed boxes, thinking about the things that happened within the space (does everyone do this?).

In this case, I’m not making a big move.  I’m not moving in with someone.  I’m not moving cities or countries.  I’m not moving to a more glamorous abode.  In fact, just the opposite.  I’m downsizing to save money and subsequently saying goodbye to doormen, dishwashers…and $200/month in rent (Yes!).

Even though this isn’t a big life stage move, I still look at all of the boxes in my studio apartment and take stock on the past three years in which I’ve lived in my current space.

I have to say that leaving this apartment at 29 feels extremely different than arriving at 26.  Sure, you say, that’s obvious Rachel.  You’re three years older!  Yes, yes, that’s true.  But it’s more than that. Something happens when you go from your mid twenties to your late twenties.  And everyone who is there – I’m sure – can agree.

You’re now grown up.  You can definitely still be fun and ridiculous and have those incredible nights and book spontaneous vacations (hello, Dubai), but it’s different now.  You wake up at 9am on weekends.  In fact, you stay in on Fridays to do important things (i.e. Quarterlette). You try to save more.  You just start thinking about those damn adult things more often.

For me, within this space, big things happened and little things happened.  But I would say the biggest thing that happened was building Quarterlette.  The planning phase started just 1 month after I moved into this apartment at 26, so it’s amazing to think about all that has been accomplished as I move out at 29.

I will always think of this apartment as the Quarterlette space.  The hours on the sofa at the computer after getting home from my day job. The longer hours on the phone with Emily and Shelby brainstorming.  I never pictured myself having a side-business at this age…if ever at all.  And to be honest, I probably – as a teenager or even as a young 20 year old – imagined possibly having a baby around 29…not a business.  It’s not what I had planned, but I’m amazed by what it has become.

While this apartment move isn’t drastic or dramatic, it still feels like a new chapter.  Every move feels like a new chapter.  It’s exciting and scary at the same time.  And while Quarterlette takes the cake for being the most prominent experience in my current space, I look forward to the experiences that will define my new one.


  • Devon 4 years ago

    Love this idea for a new series. I hit 25 this year and I haven’t lived in the same apartment for more than a year since I left my parents home when I went off to college almost 8 years ago. That’s a lot of moving! I am looking forward to hearing about how others have dealt with moves.