Sunny Daze

JUNE 4, 2012

(Illustration Credit: Diana Urquhart)

Between sophomore and junior year of college, my pre-law plans jumped dramatically off the track when I accepted an internship at Valentino for the summer. As so many do, I always dreamed of the glamorous lifestyle of the fashion elite, whether it was working at a magazine or for a fashion house.

Fast forward eight years and my passion for all things related to style remains just as great as the day I started my internship in New York.  From the signature horse bit to the renowned crocodile, I have had the opportunity to work for some amazing brands that furthered my interest in this world, while also learning firsthand just how large a role sweat and tears can play in any industry, no matter how glossy it seems. Relocating from New York to Chicago this past year, my passion has been relegated to my personal life alone, but nothing has shaken the core of my obsession: the product itself.

I love the thrill of finding something special and look forward to sharing my favorites with you on Quarterlette.  Accessories in particular fall into that category and with spring well under way, nothing refreshes your wardrobe for the season like a new pair of shades.  Sunglasses are the perfect way to update an outfit season after season. There are of course your classic styles you’ll have forever, but I’ve found that super stylish on-trend pieces instantly bring your entire look into the present. After losing a few too many investment pairs (day-drinking anyone?), I have been buying only reasonably priced options to fit the bill.  Cat eyes and patterns are two options for spring because they play to so many face shapes while really pulling their weight as fun accessories. If you already have your favorite shape and don’t want to venture outside your rut, pick a fun, new color to take for a spin this spring.



Under $150

Oversized D&G. Sunglass Hut. 









Under $100

Gramercy Shades. Anthropologie.









Under $50

Split Frame Shades. Anthropologie.