Showing Yourself Love

MARCH 27, 2015


Self-love is something that we consistently hear and talk about, but often seems a little bit out of reach when it comes time to apply it. We are all guilty of knocking ourselves down, whether that means keeping ourselves from chasing our dreams, pinning ourselves to the corner cubicle in the office that slowly drains our souls and creativity, or simply deciding we don’t like what we see in the mirror, leading to self-bullying.

By the end of the day or week we are stressed out, tired, cranky, and more than a little bit overwhelmed – all the more reason why it is essential that we take a few minutes, hours, or days to slow down and show ourselves some love. While it sounds straightforward, take a moment to think about it. When was the last time you did something for yourself just because you deserve it? When did you last unplug and spend some time with just yourself.

It’s time to work some love into your daily routine. Here are a few ideas:

1. Take a Bath
We grew up with baths, so when and why did we stop taking them? Head into your bathroom and take out your fluffiest towel, grab some bubble bath, Epsom salts, or a bath bomb, and run the hot water. Leave your technology in a different room, and allow yourself to settle in, relax and do some deep breathing. The warm water has a way of melting away stress, loosening our tight muscles, and allowing us to reconnect with ourselves.

2. Go Outside
Get your body moving and some fresh air into your lungs. You don’t have to be running, you don’t even have to be heading anywhere specific – just move. If you have a dog, take him on a longer walk than usual, explore a different part of your neighborhood or walk around the park. Breathe and look around, find some peace amidst the craziness of the city or the stillness of the country.

3. Treat Yo Self
Take yourself on a day date. Is there a new brunch place you have wanted to try, but haven’t made it to yet? Are your nails feeling a little raggedy? Does your apartment feel a little bit drab? This is the perfect time to treat yourself. Use a few dollars of your budget to try the chicken and waffles, get a new manicure, or pick up a bouquet of flowers. Just you.

4. Grab a Book
Recharge your creative batteries by picking up a new book. It is so easy to get sucked into a Netflix binge, but instead of hitting the next episode button, try flipping the pages of a book like #GIRLBOSS, Yes Please, or Wild. These books will give you time to recharge as well as inspire you to get out there and kick butt.

Taking time to love on ourselves often falls to the bottom of our priority list, but taking the time to pamper and recharge is essential to our happiness. This weekend I invite you to set aside some time to show yourself some love. I promise, your mind and body will thank you.

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