My Uncurated Self

OCTOBER 13, 2014


Today we’re going to show you the real us. The uncurated us. The us we don’t always let you see.

Scrolling through our social news feeds these days is like watching everyone’s happiness flash before your eyes.  It’s our lives up in lights, as shining stars.  Showing off.  Glitzy and glamorous full of likes and compliments.   It’s the perfectly crafted, edited, photoshopped, filtered version of ourselves.  But it’s not always the full version of ourselves.

While we so greatly believe that we should still applaud and recognize life’s incredible moments on social media – exotic trips, beautiful engagements, adorable children, power-house promotions – it’s important to acknowledge that it’s not the full story. But, most of the time, that’s all you ever see.  Very rarely do you see the struggles, the challenges, the tears, the fight.  Because there is something so scary about being vulnerable and honest, open to embarrassment and judgement from others.

What if, starting today, you uncurated your life on social media?  What if you shared something private – a difficult experience, a not-so-attractive photo – that you wouldn’t typically put up online?  Your participation can be a tweet, a blog post, a photo with a caption, or an update (or two!) on Facebook.  As much or as little as you want. What if your honesty and authenticity were what you got you likes, shares and compliments? Today Quarterlette and our partners will be doing just that and we challenge you to join us for a day of being honest, empathetic, brave, and empowered.

With Love,



Supporting Partners (in no particular order)

Lauren Steffany

Celine Fitzgerald

Allison Brooke, Allison Brooke MUA

Kristina Modares

Carly Williams, Founder of The Sideways Approach

Kathryn Schledwitz

Emi Melker, Co-Founder of 101 Management

Meagan Hooper, Founder of bSmart Guide

Alexis Sclamberg, Co-Founder of Elevate GenY

Whitney Heckathorne, Founder of A Toast

Meagan Lopez, Author of Three Questions

Sharon Pare

Lisa Mayer, Founder of My Social Canvas

Tess Konter, Founder of QuinTESSential Blog

Katie Bartels, Founder of Katie Bartels Jewelry 

Elizabeth Nagle

Michela, The Lovely it Girl

Liz Teich, The Brooklyn Stylist

Meaghan,  Founder of The Fit Crasher




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