Glam & Giddy

APRIL 2, 2013

A few weeks ago, we posted our TJ Maxx Style Stories video on the site (we hope you enjoyed it!).  Well, before shooting that video a few months ago, the Qlette team headed over to the lovely region of SoHo before sunrise that morning to be made-up by the one and only Allison Brooke.

When we met with our Stylist Liz a few weeks prior to the shoot, she mentioned that we should definitely have our make-up done in order to be camera ready, especially in fluorescent store lighting which doesn’t always make people look their best.  Thankfully, Allison was able to perform her magic in order to freshen us up a bit.  Ok, freshen us up a lot…we didn’t look fresh at 5am.

That being said, we requested that she not apply too much make-up because we both like a very natural look and she did that extremely well.  She also provided us with some of those incredible expert tips that you can only get when you’re chatting casually with a pro.

Luckily, we had our favorite videographer – Joe Pioggia – on hand to shoot some video footage…so the tips are now yours as well.

Time to get glam & giddy.

P.S. – Our favorite part is towards the end when Allison speaks directly to the camera and says “I live for make-up.  It’s my artistic medium”.  The way she says it is so genuine and honest…it made us happy that she was sharing her passion with Qlette.


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