Five Things You Should Never Wear When Working From Home

OCTOBER 3, 2013

Photo by Ashleigh Pinnell

As a social media manager and freelance writer, I can take my work pretty much anywhere so long as I have my laptop and a strong wireless connection. For the freelance side of my life especially, the bulk of the writing magic occurs from home or at a coffee shop if I feel like I’ve been cooped up inside for too long. But just because I spend time writing in bed doesn’t mean that it’s ok for me to dress like I’m ready to go to sleep.

Whether I’m working remotely or in the office, I like to dress up for work. I’ll wear a dress into the office and at home. Or maybe a pair of nice pants with a cashmere sweater, lipstick, and a simple glittering pair of stud earrings. Even during the two months I was unemployed after graduating from college, I still made sure I looked nice when emailing out my resumes and cover letters. Dressing nicely has always made me feel much more confident about myself and ready to tackle the day’s duties. My theory is if you look pulled together, you can pull everything you need to do together!

I know not every person who works from home wants to implement a dress code into his or her schedule. Comfort may be king, but it’s a pretty slippery slope to spend every day working in the clothes you woke up in. Here’s my own personal list of five dangerous items to banish from the workday wardrobe and alternative pieces you can use in their place.

1) Pajamas

The biggest problem with staying in your PJs all day is that you’re going to be spending the night in them too. Everyone’s version of what constitutes sleepwear is totally different, but often it’s baggy, doesn’t include a bra, and there might not be pants involved. Try a wrap or cowl-neck dress with a pair of opaque tights instead. You’ll still be comfortable and quite fashionable if you need to make a quick run to the post office!

2) Jerseys

The workday isn’t the time for focusing on your fantasy draft, so avoid shirts that express how much you’d rather be at the stadium. Skip the name of your favorite football player for a pretty cardigan paired with a simple tee, a sparkly necklace and some fitted jeans.

3) Crocs, Flip Flops, Slippers, and UGGS

Avoid this foursome at all costs! Nothing about any of these types of footwear says professional, whether you wear them outside of your home or not. The moment you start to think about putting on a pair, kill the thought with a pair of cute pointed or round-toed flats. I’m also a big advocate for wearing a pair of pretty heels or wedges when working from home – why not bring a little added chic to your home office for the day?

4) Low cut tops

If you wouldn’t wear a cleavage-baring shirt in an office, don’t do it from home. Try an embellished blouse on for size or a V-neck sweater paired with a pencil skirt.

5) Anything sheer

A threadbare top or a pair of yoga pants worn to the point of being see-through may be your favorite easy-to-slip-on comfort clothes, but who could wear any of it outside of your bedroom? Head back to the closet and pick a dress with a fun print, a statement necklace and a pair of Oxford heels. Who doesn’t want to get stopped and complimented on their outfit during a Starbucks latte run? If anything, that would only inspire you to get more creative with what you wear even when working from home from there on out.



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