Finding True Balance

JANUARY 20, 2015


I started on my journey of real personal growth and exploration six years ago when I was feeling very lost in my career, my relationships and my behaviors. I became like a sponge soaking up as much information as I could get about spirituality, nutrition and fitness. I attended workshops and retreats and read numerous books and websites. And although I was immersing myself in all of this information I wasn’t necessarily retaining it or able to find ways to make it work in my life. Eventually, I realized that applying these practices to my life was almost like a temporary shot of feel-good vibes but never promoted real change.

Things didn’t really start to shift until I examined what it was that I really wanted out of life and what felt authentic to me. Not what my parents and teachers and society and bosses thought I should want. What I truly wanted. I also had to look at how I was getting my needs met and what that was bringing into my life. I craved connection so I would go to the bar or I craved a more fulfilling career so I just kept looking for the same position in different companies or I craved intimacy so I would date the wrong person. I wanted a strong, healthy body so I would deprive myself of certain foods. All of these ways of getting my needs met was just creating more dysfunction in my life instead of bringing about the actual desired feelings. It took a lot of looking inward to discover this and to decide that I wanted to go about life differently.

Once I had decided that I wanted to change and I determined where I wanted to see improvement, I was able to identify my values and then start to make small, manageable lifestyle changes that moved me forward on a new path. So now I get the connection I crave by spending time in nature and being active. I finally made the leap into a new industry doing something that I love and that feels very authentic to me. And I create intimacy in my life by spending time with loved ones in meaningful, quality ways. Now I fill my body with nutritious food and stay away from fad dieting to get that health I desire.

Having gone through a lot of growing pains myself and eventually seeing wonderful, positive changes has inspired and encouraged me to start my health and lifestyle coaching business, The Sideways Approach, to help others do the same. My focus is on helping women find what it is they are looking for in life and to feel that they are living from a place of authenticity. Authenticity means very different things to different people and the formula for happiness is not the same for all of us.

However, I do believe that there are a few main areas in all of our lives that we can benefit from nourishing more. So I have based my business and coaching around this idea of finding balance in all areas of life. My belief is that if one area is a little off then it is most likely affecting other areas because I see all parts as being interdependent. I focus on six foundations of health, which include: good nutrition, regular physical activity, healthy relationships, a fulfilling career or purpose, spiritual practice and community involvement.

If you would like to dive into each one of these foundations more and are ready to make changes in your own life then join me and Quarterlette on February 11th in NYC for an inspiring, interactive, fun night. Together we will look at the different areas of your life to better understand where you are feeling a little off or out of balance and where you think things are going well. Chances are most of us are struggling with some of the same issues. Let’s get together and support each other as we ignite change in our lives and make 2015 the year of authenticity!

If you’re interested, please visit our Eventbrite page for further details and tickets!

Eventbrite - An Evening with Quarterlette & The Sideways Approach: Finding True Balance

(Photo credit: Emily Long)

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