Accessorizing My Way to Confidence

MAY 7, 2015


It’s 8am and I’m anxiously staring at my dresser, coffee cup in hand. I have exactly one hour before the start of a meeting that I have been dreading. And it’s now time to figure out what to wear.

Even though I am a jewelry designer, I don’t normally spend a great deal of time picking out my accessories every morning. I typically put on one of my favorite statement pieces, pair it with jeans and a tunic, and I am out the door. But this morning is different; I have a meeting during which I must convey an image of strength and confidence in an uncomfortable and confrontational situation. This is not something that comes naturally for me.

I have developed much more confidence and inner strength as an entrepreneur over the years, but I have never been able to develop an ability to comfortably tell someone, whom I have had a long-existing business relationship with, when I am dissatisfied with their performance. I have no problem expressing my displeasure with a new supplier that does not get an order correct. But someone I have worked with for a while who is much more advanced in their career than I am and who is naturally very confrontational? Not an easy task for me.

So I decide I am going to power accessorize this morning to get myself psyched up for the meeting.

I decided to carry my L.L. Bean camouflage tote, which felt like a “tough” pattern. Then on to my specialty: jewelry. I decided a power arm part (aka eclectic stack of bracelets) was in order. I started with a studded bracelet. “ha, take that!” I said aloud to psych myself up. Then, I slip on a Buddha bracelet for good luck. Next, a hamsa bracelet for protection. Then, a pop of neon and a bracelet a dear friend gave me. And finally, I end with a bracelet with a neon elephant, another good luck symbol. I am ready.

I head out the door to my business meeting ready for whatever this challenge brings. As anticipated, it is not an easy meeting. But I stay strong, periodically glancing down at my arm party for reassurance that I’ve got this, I will stay strong.

I survive the meeting and collect myself over a cup of coffee. As I reflect back on how the meeting went, I knew that my accessorizing process was a very important part of my meeting prep. I needed an extra boost and my bracelets gave me just that. So the next time you have a meeting, doctors appointment, or any situation that makes you feel stressed or uncomfortable, consider arming yourself with power accessories as well.


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