4 Beauty Tips to Beat the Winter Blahs

JANUARY 12, 2013

Hi Ladies- Allison Brooke here, Quartlerlette’s new makeup expert.  As a 20-something (ahem…late 20-something) living in New York City, I always strive to look and feel my best.  I also strive to go out for drinks a few times a week and don’t always drink enough water or get enough sleep.  Because I know I am not alone, I compiled a few of my favorite tricks for combating the winter “blahs”.  Enjoy!

xx Allie


1) Hydrate

Wind and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on even oily skin types.  The key is to hydrate below the lipid barrier- this is where we really need that moisture.  Use a yummy night cream before bed and a more lightweight moisturizer in the mornings. (If you’re extra oily, you can skip the morning moisturizer).  Extra dry? Use a tinted moisturizer during the day rather than a heavy foundation- it will feel great all day.  I love moisturizing with oils- they get absorbed quickly and leave little residue.

Pro Tip: In addition to using Josie Maran’s Argan Oil as my morning moisturizer, I add a few drops to my liquid makeup- it makes my skin positively glow.











2) Warm It Up

“Winter and summer colours” are an idea of the past.  Brush warm gold or bronze eyeshadow on the lid.  The warm undertones will keep you from looking washed out.  Additionally, swap out your black or grey eyeliner for brown.  Brown eyeliner makes the eyes look more wide open and neutralizes the blue or green we find in those under-eye circles.

Pro Tip: Sephora Brand eyeshadow sticks are a hands free way to achieve a long lasting wash of colour.











3) Lighten Your Load

Get a two-in-one cheek and lip stain.  Because we tend to wear less makeup in the summer, our winter makeup routines can feel heavy and weigh us down.  Choose a soft pink or peach stain that you can dab on the apples of your cheeks and on top of your chapstick for a weightless and supple flush.

Pro Tip: Stila’s convertible colour compacts are great for the on-the-go applications, and the adorable packing makes it a great mirror to keep in your bag.









4) Let it Shine

A touch of shimmer or gloss can take you from drab to fab with minimal effort.

Pro Tip: Smashbox’s Halo Highlighting wand is a quick fix after a long day.  Pat a little bit on cheekbones, by the temples, on the cupid’s bow, and in the center of your lip.  The light reflecting particles will make you look more awake and give you an angelic glow.


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