Overly Tone In The Danger Zone

One afternoon, I arrived at my neighborhood boutique-spinning studio, harried and stressed, with only minutes to spare before the start of my class.  When it comes to my fitness preferences, I turn…

What To Do When Your World Crashes Down

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Instances when life blindsides you, when your very hopes and dreams get dashed against the rocks of reality. Having recently gone…

Reflecting on Life…And A Haircut

Having recently moved to Sacramento from Washington, DC, I set out on a journey to find one of the most sacred people in my life: the person to whom I would entrust…

Women Who Eat Salad

You might have seen it before. Girl sits alone at the bar on a Sunday night. Orders a glass of her favorite pinot noir and a salad. The girls across the bar…

The Trouble With Those Darn Smart Phones

About four years ago, I got my first phone that did anything other than text and call. At first, the sense of connectedness was intoxicating. Email on the small screen had a…

I Refuse to Sink

It’s a typical spring day at South Beach, Miami. The ocean is a boundless spectrum of blue. A few speedboats are traveling towards infinity. Someone is parasailing in a purple parachute in the distant…

Life Is Not a Chicklit Novel

Picture yourself indulging in the perfect beach read. You’ve mastered the art of keeping your toes buried in the sand while balancing your Kindle across your chiseled abs. Simultaneously, you reapply another…

Protein Power Couples

You’ve probably heard that protein is good for you but there’s more to the protein story than that. For young women, it’s important to make sure you are getting enough protein from…

The Myths of Late Night Snacking

I occasionally find myself wandering to the fridge at night and opening it a half dozen times as if something new will magically appear. This is the life of a late-night grazer….

My Process to Positivity

We all experience conflict in our lives that’s often difficult to navigate.  When we witness others in conflict and see them reeling from an argument with a colleague, a family member, or a friend, we…

Living Your Life With No Regrets

“How crazy is it that that building just exploded today?”, I said. It’s 10 P.M. and it’s pouring. My friend Allegra and I are halfway between a walk and a jog as…

Accessorizing My Way to Confidence

It’s 8am and I’m anxiously staring at my dresser, coffee cup in hand. I have exactly one hour before the start of a meeting that I have been dreading. And it’s now…

Why Cleansing Is Not The Answer

Remember that fad when we were all setting alarms to eat 6 small meals a day? As fads go, I like that a heckuva lot better than starving myself. Seriously, I feel…

Remember Your Sunblock

My friends and I have talked about the good habits our parents used to teach us. “Brush your teeth,” “wear sunscreen,” “don’t stay out late.” Like any kids we had our fair…

Quitting | The Emotions of An Ex-Smoker

Lighting a cigarette, cupping your hand around the flame to protect it — fragile, young thing — until it begins to burn, igniting the paper into blackness, the tobacco into a beautiful…

Four Simple Steps to Loving Myself

The summer before my junior year of college, I ate nothing but berries, coffee, and raw vegetables. I ran six miles a day and I did hot yoga five times a week….

Showing Yourself Love

Self-love is something that we consistently hear and talk about, but often seems a little bit out of reach when it comes time to apply it. We are all guilty of knocking…

Parlez-Vous Jewish?

Anti-semitism in Europe is so last century. I mean we’re totally all holding hands and singing Kumbaya, right? If you’ve seen the recent pictures of tombstone desecration in a Jewish cemetery, you…

Being Assertive: An Overlooked Path to Happiness

Confrontational, self-assured, and strong-willed. Three adjectives used to describe a highly successful career woman….or synonymous with raging bitch? You decide. The problem lies in the fact that women are “supposed” to be…

Finding True Balance

I started on my journey of real personal growth and exploration six years ago when I was feeling very lost in my career, my relationships and my behaviors. I became like a…

The Movement of Our Twenties

(Photo by Emily Long) I saw an interview with Cheryl Strayed today, and she had this to say about personal essays: “when writing a personal essay, the unwritten last line should be,…

Finding Hope Through Depression

Conditions were perfect. My space heater purred, my ocean-scented candle flickered, and I cracked open the autobiography of my favorite person of all-time, Harpo Marx. But something wasn’t right – Harpo’s madcap…

You Are Good Enough

When I was younger, I was filled to the brim with confidence. I was going to be a famous writer, and at the age of eleven I set out to do everything…

A Birthday Soliloquy

How many times have we been told to “write what we know?”  From third grade book reports to college admission essays to employment application responses for Best Buy, the same rule applies….

You Must Pursue Your Own Happiness

I am a collector of stories. I love to hear all about someone’s background – how they got from there to here, met so-and-so, followed their dreams…all of it. True or fictional,…

6 Lessons From A Lifetime of Fitness

True story: I was was enrolled in swim classes before I could even walk. So, I guess you could say this was bound to happen. I don’t think anyone expected it to…

Leaving My Family for a Happier Home

Running away from home at the volatile age of 16 was one of the toughest decisions I ever made. It just so happens that it was also the best decision. At a…

Balance: Learning to keep sight of what you need

I’ve had a crazy, successful career in the hospitality industry spread over 20+ years – and now, reinvented myself to become an author. But what would I do better given 20/20 hindsight…

My Uncurated Self

Today we’re going to show you the real us. The uncurated us. The us we don’t always let you see. Scrolling through our social news feeds these days is like watching everyone’s happiness…

Embracing Stillness

I thought adventurousness was just ingrained in my personality, a part of my heartbeat. I grew up in Western Canadian suburbia, in a town that always seemed too small and too cold….

5 Things You Could Have by 30

First, a confession: I consume more online fashion/lifestyle content than is probably healthy both for my psyche and my eyes. I love online mags, have my favorite fashion and home décor blogs…

Lessons on Self-Discovery and Healing From a PhD Dropout

Labels are dangerous on journeys of self-discovery. I was always “the smart kid.” I took that label and ran with it, all the way to the third year of a PhD program…

27 Reasons My Life is Not How I Planned it to be at 27

  1) I still have roommates: For some reason when I pictured myself at 27, that meant I would be an adult, and that meant I’d be living in a luxurious apartment…

Facing Never Ending Cycles

Do you realize that we spend the majority of our lives existing and experiencing everything that the world has to offer us through cycles? Some are blatantly obvious. Birth ultimately becomes death….

Remember This Feeling

One constant in my life is that I have always valued others’ opinions of myself much more than my own. Events and situations in my past all look the same and end…

All Alone

From the age of 17 to about 27, I always had a boyfriend. I would move from one relationship to another so quickly it was almost as if one was just a…

Entering a New Age Bracket

A few years ago, something vile and heinous happened to me. I entered a new age demographic. For those of you who have not had to check the 25-34 age box on…

Style Me, Sister

Growing up, I was never particularly interested in the fashion scene. My mother and sister would go out shopping while I would stay at home, curled up with a Harry Potter novel,…

Running From Single

You know that awful feeling you used to get in the pit of your stomach every September when you realized summer was over and you had the go back to school? That…

The Art of Making Friends

Who knew that after 17 years in the school system, I would be set free into the “real world” and have to learn all over again how to make friends? Who knew…

5 Fun Facts About Feminism

The tragic massacre in Isla Vista has ignited a widespread and impassioned discussion about violence against women, sexism, and perceived male entitlement. I was moved to tears a few weeks ago reading…

Balance On and Off the Board

I love the ocean and have always wanted to learn how to surf, so earlier this year I signed up to go to Costa Rica with an organization called Women’s Quest. Going…

Embracing the Clouds with the Silver Lining

In an effort to increase my optimism and awareness of positivity in my life, I write down five good things that happen every day. I’ve tried this off and on for several…

Transforming My Relationship with Food Changed My Life

I still remember the day, almost 10 years ago, when I arrived in New York City via Chicago. I had crammed every single one of my belongings into a U-haul and set…

I never considered myself a crier

It’s not that I didn’t have feelings. I just always felt that I had a firmer harness on my overt emotional reactions than many of my friends did, both men and women….

Oh, Baby: For the Quarterlette Moms-To-Be

Congratulations! You have decided that you are ready to have a baby. Your plan is to get pregnant, wait nine months and deliver your beautiful bundle of joy. Easy, right? Let’s take…

Love Yourself. Be Good to Your Body.

Editor’s Note: We are thrilled to introduce Kelsey Miller, writer at Refinery29 and creator of The Anti-Diet Project. In a world where chronic cleansing, caveman diets, and extreme workout fads seem to…

Contraception: More than the Pill, Part 2.

One of the top reasons that I see patients during their quarter life years is for contraception. My patients have the power to control how they will be planning their lives and…

Life is Not Your Newsfeed

I have the coolest friends on Facebook. Every time I check my newsfeed I see all the amazing trips they take, their beautiful family pictures, the witty statuses they come up with,…

The Moving Diaries: New Chapters

Quarterlette is launching a new series called The Moving Diaries, featuring stories about moving apartments, moving cities, moving back home, moving in with someone….you name it. There is always a story behind…

The Surfer Stoke Project

I always thought I wanted to be a lawyer.  I know now, after some heartache and more than a few mistakes, I really wanted to be a writer. When I graduated from…

To 20-Somethings, From a 20-Something

I see new articles every day about advice for those of us traveling through our wonderfully confusing, ever-passing twenties.  I wanted to write something for my fellow twenty-somethings, because although knowledge and…

Underneath It All

In the opening scene of “The Devil Wears Prada,” we see Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) preparing for her grueling interview with Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), and as she stumbles around her NYC…

Five Things You Should Never Wear When Working From Home

As a social media manager and freelance writer, I can take my work pretty much anywhere so long as I have my laptop and a strong wireless connection. For the freelance side…

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

In December of last year, under the influence of a New Moon in Sagittarius, I applied to participate in Illuminated Journey, a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. While the primary objective of Teacher…

Make Life Sweet: An Explication

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We’ve all heard this one before.  You may even roll your eyes when the cliche stumbles off of someone’s tongue, but I have never appreciated…

NS Roll On Facial Moisturizers & Natural Perfumes
Going Natural

  Quarterlette Q&A and Naturally Susan’s responses: In our obsession with searching the blogosphere for, well, everything, we’ve learned a lot of DIY tricks on making everything from decorations to tie-dyed dresses…

The Survivor

  Growing up, my father always said with pride, “You’re an ABC baby.” American born Chinese. To him, me being American meant I would have opportunities that he never did; the world…

Photo: Kathryn Schledwitz
The Grass is Always Greener on Facebook

Please tell me you have people you “virtually” stalk online, simply because of their fabulous-seeming lives. You know who I’m talking about. The Facebook friend with the three immaculately-dressed little girls, each…

By the Numbers: A Guide to Your 20s

Dear 21-Year-Old Self, This is a letter from you, eight years in the future. I’m sure you aren’t interested in listening to some ancient 29-year-old right now, probably because you are busy…

Diva for the Day – Makeover Giveaway

Ok let’s be serious.  We could all use some tips on how to be a glamorous diva.  You know…funky hair, pretty make-up and a sassy, spicy, confident attitude to go with it….

Photo: Alice Plati
The Quarter-Life Crisis of a Quarter-Life Therapist

On a weekly basis, I have quarterlettes plop down on my office couch in exhaustion and moan “what am I DOING?” into the pillows.  After a few moments of silent reflection, they…

Mix & Match: 4 Looks to Play with this Spring

  There are lots of reasons to be excited about Spring finally arriving in NYC, but for us revamping our wardrobes is at the top of the list!  Our stylist friend, Ellie,…

Glam & Giddy

A few weeks ago, we posted our TJ Maxx Style Stories video on the site (we hope you enjoyed it!).  Well, before shooting that video a few months ago, the Qlette team…

Spring Beauty Picks

Greetings, Quarterletters! Although it may not feel like springtime yet, the new season is quickly approaching.  Let your makeup bag take a tip from your wardrobe- lighten up, lose the heavy layers,…

A Date with a Stylist

A few months ago, Emily and I had the opportunity to spend a day with fashion stylist, Liz Teich, to learn some tips and tricks that would help spice up our wardrobes….

Contraception: More than the pill!

One of the top reasons that I see patients during their quarter life years is for contraception. My patients have the power to control how they will be planning their lives and…

How I Gave Up Dieting For Good & Started Eating Mindfully

I went on my first diet when I was 12 years old. I had just entered 6th grade and started competitively showing horses around Maine, where I grew up. My riding coach…

Photo: Frankie Shlain
Hey, Sugar. Let’s Get Serious.

The resident health bod amongst my friends, I have always had a reputation of being at the healthier end of the scale. But my quarter life years have made me realise my…

Pretty & Safe

  I admit it. I am a beauty product junkie. Ask anyone who knows me well, and they will tell you that I love it all- lotions, shadows, glosses, conditioners. I could…

Kicking Comparison in the Ass

Editor’s note: We’re thrilled to be posting another piece from our girl Janah!  I can’t think of a person whose experiences more perfectly define Quarterlette.  She made the brave decision to leave…

4 Beauty Tips to Beat the Winter Blahs

Hi Ladies- Allison Brooke here, Quartlerlette’s new makeup expert.  As a 20-something (ahem…late 20-something) living in New York City, I always strive to look and feel my best.  I also strive to…

Ten Questions with Uplift

Connecting over a mutual love of fitness and socializing, the three entrepreneurial founders of Uplift, Leanne, Helena and Katie, are showing women that they don’t need to sacrifice their social lives to…

HPV: The Facts

  I get more questions about HPV — the human papilloma virus — from my patients in this quarter of their lives than any other age category.  It is often a difficult…

Eating for Good Skin

I am currently studying to become a Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, so I am truly excited to share my own health story with the Quarterlette community. Let’s talk about…

Breast Cancer: The Facts

Breast cancer is a topic that I frequently get asked about by all age groups. With statistics as high as they are – 1 in every 8 women will get breast cancer by…

Lauren Cosenza_2011 VSFS_BW_Russell James Photog2
Beauty Business Maven

When I met Lauren about 5 years ago through my old job, I immediately wanted to be her friend!  She’s one of those people who has that Joie de Vivre, living life…

Life in Transit

It’s 6:00 a.m. and I’m at the airport, waiting to board another 737. The incredible smell of a bacon, egg and cheese bagel wafts from the fast food spot in my terminal….

Whispers of What’s Next

I spent the better part of my 20s worrying about what to do with my life, wondering when I’d find my true calling, and would I even recognize it if it happened? …

Cooking_EL B&W
Always a Coach

For the past six years I have worked as a college tennis coach at both the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.  For a long time it was a dream job. I…

Stand up for Health Bold ELL
Roadmap to Health (or, what I wish I knew at 21)

I remember my last visit to the pediatrician’s office. I was 18. I had been going to the office yearly and seeing the same doctor since I was born.  I was so…

cool cobalt
The Cool Cobalts

  Elizabeth Veys, one of our most stylish Quarterlette friends, shares another one of her favorite trends of the moment with great options for every budget. *** Between the blues of Lake…

Growing into My Best Self

When I was approached by the girls of Quarterlette to write an article about my twenties, it was a bit challenging because although I’m in my early thirties, my twenties feel so…

Pale is Beautiful

Some of my best times as a child and teen were spent in the sun. We would come back to middle school sun-kissed after two weeks in Florida during the December holiday…

Quote Photo
Happiness is the Way

In the Radiate section of the site, we’ll be featuring stories on various topics surrounding health, wellness, style and beauty – essentially, feeling your best and radiating not only from the outside…

Sunny Daze

Between sophomore and junior year of college, my pre-law plans jumped dramatically off the track when I accepted an internship at Valentino for the summer. As so many do, I always dreamed…