You are a Master Mind & Chic CEO wants you.

OCTOBER 22, 2013

Chic CEO Square

When we were going through the process of launching Quarterlette, we started by hunting for role models. So, we set out on a quest to scour the Internet for examples of websites of all shapes and sizes: lifestyle blogs, business ventures, food porn – anything with a URL and pleasing content. Something to get our juices flowing for design and content ideas.

One of the sites we stumbled upon was Chic CEO, a place to find digestible business knowledge targeted specifically toward women. It made sense to us, so we dove in, headfirst. What did we see? We found a destination formed on a mission to provide business advice in its basic form, leaving readers inspired and well equipped to achieve their business goals. It had everything a girl needs to empower her to kick off her dream business.

This week Chic CEO is taking their platform to a another level with their brand-spanking new Chic CEO Master Mind program. The Master Mind program is designed to offer a new kind of community to women. It offers all of the following:

  • Private group trainings & trainings from their elite brain trust: The collective intelligence of business master minds will help show you the way.
  • Pitch review if you’re seeking investment: We know that it’s intimidating to put yourself out there and ask for funding. Chic CEO will help give you feedback to get you prepped for the big meeting.
  • Accountability Partner to keep you on track: Think of it like your personal trainer for your business. The Chic CEO team will match you up with another woman in the Master Mind to keep you accountable, and in turn you will help her do the same.
  • Intros to investors when appropriate: No guarantees, but like a Millionaire Matchmaker for business, Chic CEO has the ability to open doors to the right investors for your business.
  • Unique content just for the group: You’ll have the inside knowledge you need to stay ahead of the game.

When you’re ready, Chic CEO is taking applications to be a part of this community. If selected, you’ll be able to start taking advantage of resources that allow you to tap into the talents, connections, and strategy of like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s exactly what any woman starting her own business needs – a community that offers a little support, guidance and inspiration from those who have been there and those who are still there – (just like Quarterlette!).

Want to take the leap? Apply here. Good luck!

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