Moving on the Cheap

MAY 21, 2014


Moving on the cheap is a myth. But, I’ll be a bit of a mythbuster. Ladies, if we get creative and prioritize our needs from our wants, we will be able to move for less…than expected.

I have recently moved—internationally—and want to share quirks of my move that allowed me to save some money, so you can save money too!

Reuse boxes
Brown cardboard boxes are surprisingly expensive. The last time I moved, I anticipated another move coming up, so I stored my boxes for safe keeping.

Clothes as cushion
While I do have fun playing with bubble wrap, I use the least amount possible because, again, it is surprisingly expensive. Instead, I used rolled up clothes and would highly recommend you do the same.

Replaceable or irreplaceable?
This decision is best made quickly.

Replaceable can either be sold (ex. Le Creuset tea kettle) or thrown away (ex. running socks with holes).

Irreplaceables can make you a pretty penny if you are able to part with them (ex. vintage tea set), otherwise these items (ex. comfortable yet cute pumps) will go on the to-pack list.

And once you have arrived at your new home and are ready to decorate, remember Ikea is not necessarily the cheapest. I’ve found great deals looking local. Plus, this is a good reason to explore your new neighborhood!

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Happy Moving on the Cheap!


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