Learning How to Be Fearless

OCTOBER 29, 2014


Let me fill you in on a little secret: You can have it all. Seriously. You can have everything you ever wanted and then some – in business and in life. I’m living proof.

I always knew I wanted more from life than the “traditional” path offered. Like most 20-somethings, I dreamed of having a fulfilling career, but also wanted to travel and start a family. I longed for the white picket fence and the thrill of adventure. I wasn’t willing to choose between “A” or “B.” I wanted “C” – all of the above.

Along the way, I, like so many young women, found myself stuck in a rut. Wherever I turned, I found two types of people. Some had amazing relationships and experiences, but hated their jobs. Others were wildly successful entrepreneurs who loved their work, but were falling short and feeling like failures in all other aspects of their lives. I knew I couldn’t be the only one longing to have it all, but nobody was talking about it. Everyone around me was plugging away and plodding along, resigned to settling for a life of “good enough.”

It wasn’t until I had several burnouts, built a “successful” business, lost everything and embarked on a journey of self-discovery that I realized I wasn’t crazy for wanting what I wanted. Even more importantly, I discovered I wasn’t alone. I was determined to break the silence, and began talking to other women around me. Many had a clearly defined passion they wanted to build a business around, but weren’t sure how or where to start. Others had already hashed out a business plan, but didn’t want their career to be the only thing that defined them. That’s when everything started to really come together for me.

When I stepped back to consider what the women around me were really saying, the message – and the need – became crystal clear. They all had dreams and wants. None of them wanted to live a life of “either/or,” they wanted to create a life of “and.” They wanted to forge a path that didn’t ask them to choose between two good options, but empowered them to fully embrace both.

The more I learned, the more I found myself wondering what if I could create a resource to help women build businesses AND lives they loved?

I sent my idea to a women’s group I was involved with and asked for feedback. When I received a resounding, “Hell yes! You have to do this!” I knew I was onto something big with the potential to do some serious good. I began visualizing what the company might become. I thought about who I wanted to help, what her life might look like and what fears might be standing in the way of where she wanted to go.

And that’s how Hello Fearless was born.

Hello Fearless is a global community of women who think big and are ready to overcome the fears or roadblocks standing in the way of making their dreams a reality. It’s not an easy process, but we’re all in it together. We help women get a clear picture of their strengths, their passion and their personal vision for all areas of their lives. We provide the steps, inspiration, education, mentors, resources and support they need to make things happen. Together, we’re a community of unstoppable, driven, fearless women doing great things.

Since launching Hello Fearless, I’ve learned a lot about myself. Through the clarity of hindsight, I now see how every major milestone, setback and life lesson brought me to this point. My struggles shaped me and stoked a fire within me. Every obstacle and triumph prepared me to build a business that aligns with who I am and what I truly love doing. I’m spending my days living out the red-hot, passion-filled adventure I always dreamed of, and when the day is done, I head home to my family and a white picket fence.

Now it’s your turn. Don’t let happenstance shape you. Grab hold of your life and your dreams. Challenge yourself to go get everything you’ve ever wanted and then some. Take risks, follow your heart and go for it. There’s a whole community of courageous women cheering you on every step of the way. Don’t waste your 20s waiting around for life to happen. Make this the decade that changed your life.

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