Interview with Gen Y Career Expert – Lindsey Pollak (Part 2)

OCTOBER 16, 2012

Photo: Frankie Shlain

Hey guys – I  hope you enjoyed Part 1 of my interview last week with Gen Y career expert, Lindsey Pollak.  Below is part 2 of that interview.

One thing that I want to point out from part 2 is the topic of women “having it all”.  There have been many articles, interviews and opinions addressing this topic recently so I wanted to ask Lindsey for her point-of-view.

As for me, I personally believe that while “having it all” obviously means different things to different people, it essentially means feeling settled.  And by settled, I don’t mean settled in the traditional sense (married with children, financially secure, etc.).  Instead, I mean settled in the sense of feeling like everything has fallen into place and is exactly as it should be, whether that’s taking the marriage/family route or that’s taking the road less traveled – literally – and backpacking across the world.

But come on – is ever really possible to feel 100% settled?   I don’t know. Life isn’t perfect.  But maybe that’s what it takes.  The admission that life isn’t perfect while also still going after what you really want.   A lovely little combination of being both a dreamer and a realist simultaneously.

As I discussed with Lindsey, maybe another answer is that you can have everything you want (within reason) but at different stages of your life.  And, more importantly, it might arrive looking slightly different than you imagined.  I guess it’s something we all have to figure out for ourselves.

Ok, I’m getting a little deep here but it’s an important topic to discuss. Take a look at the below video and let us know your thoughts!


P.S. – This was one of my first official on-camera interviews – what a cool experience!  I hope you found it interesting.


  • liz 5 years ago

    Congrats on your first on-camera interview, Rachel! You’re a natural and I can’t wait to see more videos. :)