How to Save Enough to Quit Your Job (and Follow Your Dream)

OCTOBER 3, 2014


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We all have a different idea of what our dream job is. For some, it could be getting your boss to acknowledge your ideas at work, then give you a promotion and a raise. For others it’s quitting your job to create your own business.

For me it was a combination of financial freedom and being my own boss. I went from being in debt, to changing careers and saving for my dream job. Here’s how you can too.


Find the Right Priorities

If you want to land your dream job, you’ve got to dress the part. Likewise if you want to save up money to follow your passion, start your own business or turn your hobby into a career, you need to find the right priorities.

Yes, it’s very glamorous (and fun) to daydream about being a well-known entrepreneur while taking exotic vacations. But in order to turn your dream into a reality, you have to plan for it.

Your priorities have to be in order. This is especially important for your finances. Without adequate funding, your dream job will remain just that — a dream.

First on the list is knowing what your financial standing is with your creditors. Are you in debt? How much? Tally up how much debt you have, and verify who you owe money to. Then record your minimum payments and your interest rate.

This will help you determine a game plan for how much extra income can go towards your debts each month, and how long it will take to pay off.


Create a Dream Board

Getting your finances in order and paying off debt isn’t much fun, and can even discourage you from saving for your dream job. One of the best motivators I found reach my goals was to create a dream board.

It can be something as simple as a Pinterest board where you post images of places you want to visit, things you want to buy or inspiring quotes to remind you why you’re doing this.

Or if you prefer something you can see and touch every day, consider getting crafty with a vision board.


Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

Once you’ve got a plan to pay off your debts and have created a visual motivation, the next thing you need is to hustle. Dreams take money, so it’s time to pump up the volume on your income.

How? There are endless ideas for you to make some extra cash, but the main thing you need to remember is you’ll have to make sacrifices. You’ll lose sleep, spend a lot of time working and less time socializing with friends.

But is it worth it? OH YEAH!

In order to reach my goal of being debt-free within one year, I took on an extra job and started my online business at the same time. I would literally drive straight from my day job, to my part-time tax job at night. Then on weekends I’d write blog posts, interact on social media and network.

I found the motivation I needed once I realized that the faster I saved up money towards my dream job, the faster I could make it a reality. And I was prepared to stick with it, no matter what it took to get there.


Stick With It

Saving up for your dream job takes careful planning, motivation and drive, but reaching your goal is without a doubt the best feeling in the world! Don’t get discouraged by the journey, the destination and lifestyle changes you make during this time will be worth it.

You have to remind yourself to stick with it, and not lose sight of your goal. If you need a visual reminder, just look at your dream board and imagine how great it will feel to have a career on your own terms.

Ultimately, the most important thing I did was take action. Every day consisted of regular steps toward my goal, no matter how big or small.

Thanks to the book Dream. Save. Do. by Warren and Betsy Talbot, I went from dreaming to saving to doing. Once you get going, the momentum you gain will keep you on track — and before you know it, your dream job will within your grasp!

Carrie Smith is a Certified Tax Specialist and solopreneur on a mission to help other go-getters quit their day jobs and launch successful online businesses. In May 2013 she quit her full-time accounting job to pursue entrepreneurship and blogging. You can read more of her work on, and her personal site, Her writing has been featured in The Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine, Yahoo! Finance and several other business websites. Find her on Twitter at @carefulcents.


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