Personal Trainer

APRIL 2, 2012

Endorphin Boosters:

Uplift: No need to sacrifice your social life to fit in a sweat session.  The ladies of Uplift have a unique approach to getting into shape through their Raise the Bar classes.  Their workout philosophy speaks to not denying yourself fun, but merging it with what’s good for you.  Sign up for one of their classes and you’ll be given a butt-kicking work-out and a reward of delicious noshes, something to sip on and plenty of time with just the girls.

Yes, you can:

Runner’s World Training Plans: Doesn’t matter if you haven’t put on running shoes since mandatory 8th grade gym or if you routinely lace up for a mind clearing jog.  If you want to tackle one of those half marathons everyone has been talking about, you can do it – one step at a time.  All you need is a goal, a little guidance, some willpower and loads confidence.  We’ll be here cheering you on.

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