Consider this your atypical GPS.  Since no two lives are the same (rightly so) it would be impossible for us to provide specific directions.  Thus, we’re here to guide, not prescribe. Navigate has been curated to provide you with tools to help you make the leap into a new career, finance your first apartment (or an around the world plane ticket if you will) or make this the year you finally run that half marathon you’ve been promising to do for the past five. Let us be your co-pilot.

* * * * *

Career Coach:

Aside from paying the bills, careers help us fulfill this desire to contribute to society.  It’s not just a job anymore, and we all deserve the chance to spend each day looking forward to going to work.  Here’s a start to emerging from the commuter haze.



Financial Planner:

We’re all guilty of blowing too much money on a whim.  We’re not here to reprimand, but to show that it’s okay to splurge as long as you have a plan.  Consider this Weight Watchers for your bank account.



Personal Trainer:

Pump it up.  It’s not just about striving for that impossible body, it’s setting goals and feeling amazing when you achieve them – even if it’s crawling your way through a marathon.



Travel Guide:

Hidden Gems, local favorites, tips and tools to help you plan your getaways to our favorite Qlette hotspots



Recipe Book:

Standing in a giant (or tiny) supermarket full of ingredients and no clue what to even make for dinner? Look here to find something that hits your appetite.



Personal Shopper:

Interviews, dates, benefits, walking around town and a million other excuses to shop.  You can either hit the streets or for the time crunched bunch of us, today’s options for one click shopping helps make finding “the” outfit simple – no need to sneak out of the office…or get out of your pajamas.



Cocktail Chatter:

We don’t all have time to sift through the papers every morning.  Luckily, news aggregators have started doing the work for us by compiling the day’s most important information – everything from who’s leading the election race to which celebrity couple is breaking up now.  Read through your pick as your wake up in the morning – It makes you smarter and you’ll have more to talk about than the weather.