The Next Chapter

AUGUST 24, 2012

Photo: Ashleigh Pinnell

Happy Friday, Qlettes!

We wanted to send along a quick update about Quarterlette, as you’ll notice a new change on the site starting today: advertising.

Ok – don’t get scared.  It’s all part of our larger plan to keep Quarterlette alive, kicking and growing.  We know that website advertising can sometimes have a bad reputation (we’ve all seen the cheap looking weight loss ads invade our favorite content), but hear us out.

When we launched back in June, we launched without advertising because we wanted all of you to get to know the site, understand the brand and connect with the articles/writers without any interruptions.  Now that we’re approaching our 3-month mark, we decided that it was time to integrate advertising in order to begin collecting revenue.  As I’m sure you all realize (being savvy professionals), Quarterlette cannot stay alive without any support.  By support, we mean support from our readers (we’re already overwhelmed by how much you give us) but also financial support…just like every business. Hosting ads on the site is a great way to begin that journey.

That being said, today begins step one – using Google AdSense to build our ad hosting foundation.  As we evolve we will use our media buying backgrounds and knowledge to ensure that the ads you see on the site are catered to you all – delivering information about people, places, brands and products that are relevant and meaningful.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback about this new change.  We’re really excited about this next stage as we look forward to the future of Qlette and continuing to provide you with great content every week!

– Rachel & Emily

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