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FEBRUARY 23, 2016
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We want to paint a picture for you. It’s the winter of 2013. It’s a snowy Saturday morning in February and while some people are frolicking around town or staying under the covers until noon, the two us are in our usual weekend spot: a coffee shop with our laptops in tow, chugging away at building Quarterlette. That visual was our reality for most weekends between 2011 and 2014 while we spent all week at our demanding day jobs.

People often said things to us like: “It’s just a website…how hard could it be? What takes so long? Why does it require so much work?” Ask anyone with a business – it’s the minutiae that occupies most of your time. For us, it was updating writer contact information, editing stories, ensuring our copyright agreements were up-to-date, monitoring our analytics, and so on.

The process is slow and gradual, but it’s worth it. The feeling that comes from building something from nothing is pretty special. The little milestones along the way, such as emails from women around the world sharing their love for Quarterlette, fueled us. That’s what kept us in the coffee shops on snowy…and sunny…weekends year-round, networking with writers, fixing lines of code, planning events, working with our brand partners, and thinking up new ways to support women navigating their quarter-lives.

Fast forward to February of 2016.

Our lives are little different. Our schedules a little busier….ok, and our age is a little older. Time typically spent in those coffee shops working on Quarterlette is spent elsewhere and it breaks our hearts a little realizing that we don’t have the time to give Quarterlette what it needs right now to grow. It deserves more love and care.

We didn’t want to just disappear, so instead we decided to write you all a letter letting you know that we’re going to take a short hiatus while we think through the future of Quarterlette. We’re not saying goodbye for good, but we need to regroup before moving forward and we want to be honest with our readers about that.

We’re so proud of the community that we + you created: our SQUAD!  And we still want to see that community thrive. This short break will help us do that.

In the spirit of the new year (you can still make new year’s resolutions in February, right?), we’re giving ourselves grace and recognizing that we’re not superhuman…we can’t do it all. Nobody can. Sometimes you need to take time off to pause and recharge before beginning again. And often when you begin again, you’re capable of even greater things.

With Love,

Rachel & Emily

A VERY IMPORTANT P.S. – As we regroup, we’re looking to bring on 3-4 powerhouse ladies to take the reins in the following roles: Editor-in-Chief, Director of Business Development, Managing Director, and a TBD role. These opportunities are for people who have day jobs but are looking to throw themselves into a passion project on the side. Compensation will be in the form of equity.  If you or someone you know is interested, please write to and with the subject line: Quarterlette Team Opportunities 


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