Month 1: Getting Our Hands Dirty and Our Feet Wet

JULY 15, 2012

Photo: Frankie Shlain

Well, we’ve been live for over a month (woo!) and this Quarterlette experience has been unlike anything that I’ve previously worked on. There are fantastic days and there are challenging days. Even though we’re having an incredible time, it’s definitely a job that demands our attention 7 days a week.  Many people have asked us – in utter confusion – what we actually do that takes up so much time.  To put it simply, it’s just like any other business.  We spend just as much time managing the logistics as we do managing the actual product.  Through this Narrate section, we hope to provide you with a glimpse into our experiences so that you can follow us along on our journey.

So, right before launch, Emily and I decided that we would spend at least the first month solely focusing on delivering quality content to our readers.  And so far, we’ve had such great feedback from you guys.  We’ve had women tell us that because of the Pale is Beautiful piece, they went to get a full body skin cancer screening.  Other married Quarterlettes have told us that they felt a huge sense of relief after reading The Big Fluffy Elephant in the Room piece about the early stages of marriage, finding comfort in the fact that they’re not the only ones having challenging marital moments (even though they love their partners fiercely).  I hope our stories continue to be entertaining, informative and inspiring.

Speaking of writers, we’ve had lots of inquiries from women (and some men!) asking us how they could contribute.  So here’s your answer.

We’re always looking for contributors. If you would like to contribute, simply reach out to us at  Remember -you do not have to be a professional writer.  You just need to have a great story to share or thoughtful advice to give.  And while the majority of our contributors are writers, you can contribute through photography or graphic design as well.

As for the contributors section, we’re currently redesigning that area of the site (thanks to our awesome new web intern!) and starting next week, each contributor will have his or her own page where they can add a photo, a bio, and links to their Qlette contributions.

In addition to working on the editorial elements these past few weeks, we’ve had some other exciting updates:

Trademarks:  Quarterlette legal lesson 101: Through our research, we were informed that you cannot file for a Trademark until the name is being used in commerce.  Actually, you can file before it’s used, however, you have to pay an additional fee to file an Intent To Use form.  Since that didn’t fall within our budget, we had to hold out until the site went live.  Once we launched, we immediately filled out our application.  Now we just have to sit tight for over a year while the paperwork gets reviewed…long time!

–  Cision Navigator Spotlight: A few weeks ago, the wonderful people over at Cision Navigator (a leading online resource for PR and Communications Professionals) spotted our website and asked if they could write a Spotlight Feature on Quarterlette.  We were ecstatic.  We spent a lot of time answering a series of interview questions that helped the writers over there put together an article that told our Quarterlette story perfectly.

Qlette Newsletter:  This past week, we sent out our first newsletter which we plan on sending out at least twice a month.  Emily and I spent a long time designing the newsletter in MailChimp (formatting takes much longer than we thought!). The newsletter will provide recipients with links to recent stories, Qlette highlights, photos, news and upcoming events.  We’ll also have a Pick of the Week section where we’ll fill you in on our favorites of the moment (songs, books, travel destinations, etc.).   Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button on the top-right corner of our home page to stay in-the-know.

Thanks guys for a great 1st month.  Please continue to support us by spreading the word about Quarterlette to all of your friends, sharing our content from our Facebook/Twitter pages or subscribing to our newsletter.

Have a great week!



  • emily k 5 years ago

    I am enjoying reading your publication. Your article about skin cancer was especially
    informative and so well done. Your photographs are also great.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  • Janah 5 years ago

    So excited to watch your Qlette journey take off and for the chance to take a little part in it! xoxo