Here’s to Quarterlette’s First Three Months!


It’s hard to believe that three months have flown by since we flicked the switch to light up  We’re so happy with what Qlette has accomplished so far.  Here are the top five updates we’d like to share:

  • Advertising: We made a huge leap by applying to a select number of ad networks to begin growing our platform.  It feels like a bit of a sacrifice to give up even a pixel of editorial space on the site, but looking at the big picture, it’s worth it.  Even the tiniest bit of money we bring in will help keep things moving along.  Besides, the ads are looking pretty nice these days.
  • Audience: Seeing how many of you come to our site each day leaves us beaming.  It’s satisfying to know that it’s not just us reading the stories we put up – or our mothers.  Thank you to those who have helped us spread the word!
  • Survey: Some of you may have noticed that we launched a reader survey that is living on the Qlette Whiteboard.  If you wouldn’t mind, please take five minutes to complete it.  In order to make Quarterlette helpful, we need to know more about who you are and what you want.
  • Qlette Contributors: Our Qlette contributors are what make this online magazine possible.  To celebrate them, we’ve created a Qlette Contributor Button (featured below).  This is a symbol of our community as each Qlette contributor (writer, designer, photographer, web developer – all of them) will receive this button to post on their own blog, business site, desktop, refrigerator, etc to show the world that they’re part of our sensational group of women.  Today, they are joining us in hailing our three-month anniversary by changing their Facebook picture to this button.

  •  Qlette Approved: To let you know what we love, use, and support, we have designed a Qlette Approved button (featured at top of page) to put our seal of approval on content, products and people


Here’s to another three months of growth!

Emily & Rachel

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