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AUGUST 11, 2013

Vote For Qlette

Hey Guys!  Forbes is putting together a feature on the 100 best websites for women and we would love your help in getting Quarterlette on that list!  All you have to do is nominate us.  Here’s How:

Step 1: To nominate the site, simply follow the link below, scroll to the bottom of the article, and leave a comment.  You can either create an account with (takes a minute) or you can login through your social media account.

Step 2: Once in the comment field, you can leave a comment based on your fan level:

Level 1 Fan: You’re busy, we totally get it – just write the words! and you’re good to go

Level 2 Fan: You want to vote, but you’re not one to openly share your love publicly. Just write some version of “ is a fantastic destination for women navigating the quarter-life years”.

Level 3 Fan: If Quarterlette doesn’t make that list, you’ll be so freakin’ close to knocking down the office doors of the Editors demanding immediate answers.  You can write the website URL, elaborate on what makes Quarterlette special to you and why you think it should make the Forbes list.

In  all seriousness, we work on building Quarterlette every single day because we love having a community where women in their twenties and thirties can read and share true stories about their experiences.

By voting for Quarterlette, you’re not just voting for us – you’re voting for a group of 90+ contributors from around the world whose stories have helped to provide a little support, guidance and inspiration as we navigate this time of our lives.

All our love and appreciation – Thank You!


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