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JUNE 4, 2012

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“I feel like I’m having a quarter-life crisis!”

If you’re like us, you’ve heard this phrase come out of the mouths of women in their mid-twenties to early thirties more times than you can count.

As three girls in our late-twenties, we have been exposed to endless stories from our friends about the difficulties that come along with this life stage. We’re old enough now where we have expectations for ourselves.  We feel like we’re supposed to have an exciting job, a decent income, a cozy home and a fulfilling relationship.  And if we don’t, we tend to feel incredibly lost.

However, while this time can be difficult and confusing, it can also be incredibly rewarding and life-changing as well.  Some may call it the “quarter-life crisis” – we prefer to think of it as a tricky and exciting time full of changes, transitions and decisions. We’ve had exceptional and memorable days during our twenties, but we’ve had some challenging and anxiety-filled days as well, as we are constantly trying to weave together who we think we should be and who we want to be with the reality of who we are.

As part of our journey, we were looking for something – or someone – to provide us with a little direction, but the selection of resources was very slim.  So we decided to build a platform ourselves.

Enter Quarterlette.com.  Quarterlette.com will be a community space to help Quarterlettes (women currently in their quarter-lives) navigate through the highs and the lows of their quarter-life escapades.

The site is designed to be visually simple, clean and easy to read.  We’ll feature new content weekly, with the majority of the stories written by Quarterlettes themselves who have powerful narratives to share, thoughtful advice to give, and businesses, projects, blogs or causes to passionately promote.  Through Quarterlette.com, writers will have a platform to tell their own unique stories and readers will have a place to connect with like-minded women, finding a little support, guidance and inspiration to help them survive, and thrive, during this stage.

Lastly, it’s important to note that we’re not claiming to be experts – we’re still figuring out our quarter-lives as we speak!  That being said, our goal for Quarterlette.com is to create a space that features honest and relatable content, helping to make the navigation process a bit easier and more enjoyable for our readers as they travel along the road towards achieving their dreams.


A brief tour of the site and its sections:

Propel: Career, Finances and Education
Love: In all its forms
Escape: Travel, cooking, reading, running, painting and all of life’s pleasures
Radiate: Health, beauty, style and overall feeling good inside and out
Give: Highlighting philanthropic women and organizations
Navigate: Resource, guide, GPS and tools
Narrate: Our story


And finally an enormous hug and thank you to:

Brittany Roth
Cory Diamand
Emi Melker
Jenna Kreitman
John Harrington
Kate Sinnott
Lauren DeMattia
Leyla Heckrotte
Tara Howard
Vanessa Golembewski
Wendy Wei
The beta testers
Our wise advisors
Our nearest & dearest friends
Our very understanding families
and the foundation of the site, our Writers

-Rachel, Emily & Shelby

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