Happy Six Months

JANUARY 4, 2013

Photo: Emily Long

Six months.  If this were the start of a relationship, we might just say this is when it’s getting serious.   Those quaky days of wondering whether or not he’ll call are long gone and while you may still be wondering if he’ll soon utter “I love you” or take you home to meet his parents, you’re comfortable in calling him your steady boyfriend when introducing him to a table of friends.   You text him back without hesitation of sounding too eager and you’re confident. Yet, you know there’s still a lot of work to be done to keep the happiness alive, the feelings fresh and the relationship moving forward.

This is where we sit with Quarterlette.   Far enough down the road to know there’s no going back but not foolish enough to think we can just rest back and not put in any further effort.  Our team here is dedicated to growing the community we’ve worked to develop over the last six months (+ the 1.5 years pre-launch), anxious to see where it leads and want to thank you all for getting us here.

Happy Six Months!


The Qlette Team


  • Janah 5 years ago

    Happy 6 months, gals!