The Future of Quarterlette.com

We want to paint a picture for you. It’s the winter of 2013. It’s a snowy Saturday morning in February and while some people are frolicking around town or staying under the covers…

Emily's photo, originally posted on Quarterlette's Instagram account
My Uncurated Self: Emily

Way back in July I moved out of New York City. My boyfriend and I had been moving my life down to Washington, DC since February after my roommates and I had…

My Uncurated Self: Rachel

  If you took a look at my Facebook page within the past 5 months, this is exactly what you would see: May 3rd – Photo of me in Philadelphia with my amazing,…

Blog Crush: VinePair

While making friends in the blog world we came across VinePair, a website dedicated to showing folks the ropes of enjoying (sometimes fine) wine.  Hating the pretension that often surrounds wine, they…

Blog Crush: What Boys May Come

We’ve been around the Internet a few times and, often, find ourselves down a rabbit hole of new blogs and fascinating, funny or (depending on the day) heartbreaking articles.  Rather than keeping…

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Help Us Make The List

Hey Guys!  Forbes is putting together a feature on the 100 best websites for women and we would love your help in getting Quarterlette on that list!  All you have to do…

Happy Six Months

Six months.  If this were the start of a relationship, we might just say this is when it’s getting serious.   Those quaky days of wondering whether or not he’ll call are long…

The Launch of Qlette Style Stories

A friend of mine in the fashion industry recently told me that she thinks personal style (your clothes, your accessories, your hair, etc.) can often times say more about you than words….

Many Bright Wishes

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A Pink October

Happy Fall, everyone! We hope you’re enjoying the nice weather. Ok, we usually cringe when people talk about the weather but this is an exception because we absolutely love October. Wearing sweaters,…

Balloons 2
Here’s to Quarterlette’s First Three Months!

It’s hard to believe that three months have flown by since we flicked the switch to light up Quarterlette.com.  We’re so happy with what Qlette has accomplished so far.  Here are the…

The Next Chapter

Happy Friday, Qlettes! We wanted to send along a quick update about Quarterlette, as you’ll notice a new change on the site starting today: advertising. Ok – don’t get scared.  It’s all…

The Offline Community Begins

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first Qlette Happy Hour last week!  It was amazing to meet many of our writers and readers for the first time after months of…

Girls Under Umbrella
To Have and To Know

Feeling sad and a bit lonely after getting on Megabus to head home to NYC following what always seems like too short a trip to see my boyfriend in DC, I decided to…

Month 1: Getting Our Hands Dirty and Our Feet Wet

Well, we’ve been live for over a month (woo!) and this Quarterlette experience has been unlike anything that I’ve previously worked on. There are fantastic days and there are challenging days. Even…

The women of Quarterlette photographed in NYC on March 18, 2012
The Road to Launch is a Fun One

A year and a half ago, Rachel and I were at a happy hour catching up on a year’s worth of breakups, haircuts, careers and gossip when our conversation took its usual…

The women of Quarterlette photographed in NYC on March 18, 2012
Welcome, From Rachel: My Qlette Story

One Saturday afternoon a few months ago, I sat down to write this Qlette introduction letter.  After I finished writing, I read everything back to myself and realized that the entire piece…

The women of Quarterlette photographed in NYC on March 18, 2012
Hello, Gorgeous. Welcome to Quarterlette.

“I feel like I’m having a quarter-life crisis!” If you’re like us, you’ve heard this phrase come out of the mouths of women in their mid-twenties to early thirties more times than…