A lovely (true) story. 

On a chilly January night, a few years ago, two 26-year old gals found themselves cozied up in a warm wine bar feeling a bit lost.  Lost in their relationships.  Lost in their careers.   Lost in the chaos of New York City, trying to figure out what they wanted out of their lives and who they wanted to be….oh, and how to get there, of course.

Over drinks that night just north of Union Square, said gals – in the midst of venting about their own lives – came to the realization that there was no real resource to help them navigate these tricky post-college years which they were experiencing.  Sure, they could go see a therapist.  But who could afford that?  Or they could go read a book written by someone much older lecturing them on what to do.  But who wants to be lectured…and by someone who is already in their next life phase?

What they really wanted was a little support (reassurance that things would turn out ok…or hugs…both would work), guidance (insight from women who had highly coveted knowledge) and pure, simple inspiration (amazing stories of courage, love, travels, etc.) from those who would understand the most: women just like them.

Realizing that this support, guidance and inspiration most likely would not come in the form of hugs, girl R thought that it could instead come in the form of words. “There should be a place online where real girls – not necessarily professional writers – could join forces and share their own personal stories about the quarter-life years: the good, the bad, the heartbreaking, the heartwarming and everything in between,” she proclaimed.

Girl E completely agreed.  And immediately lit up with brilliant ideas.  Because she needed this. They all needed this.  And as she raised her glass to take a sip, she toasted girl R to an agreement that they would try their very best to bring this idea to life.

1.5 years later in 2012, an online community for intelligent, down-to-earth, funny, adventurous, spirited women was born and it was named

Today Quarterlette has hosted writers and readers from almost every country in the world.   And while Girl R and Girl E (now a bit older) still don’t have their quarter-lives all figured out, they’re ok with that.  Because they realized through the stories of other women on the site, that these moments of feeling lost one second and alive the very next are really what these years are all about.   Building blocks that help to create something bigger and stronger – their future selves – with lots of great stories and experiences to share.



Quarterlette’s Mission

* Support, Guide & Inspire women through their quarter-lives

* Provide a powerful platform for Quarterlettes to showcase their personal work, blogs, ideas, stories and opinions, helping them gain further exposure while connecting with others

* Highlight and spread awareness of Quarterlettes who are giving back to their communities and charitable organizations that are positively impacting one or more quarter-life women

* Almost 100% of the content on Quarterlette is original, created specifically for the site (if it’s not original, we’ll mention that it’s a syndicated piece within the article)


A brief tour of the site and its sections:

Propel: Career, Finances and Education
Love: In all its forms
Escape: Travel, cooking, reading, running, painting and all of life’s pleasures
Radiate: Health, wellness, beauty, style and overall feeling good inside and out
Give: Highlighting philanthropic women and organizations
Narrate: Our story