Single Girl Thoughts

JULY 12, 2013

Single Girl Thoughts

I honestly don’t remember the last time I was single. I’m dating back to kindergarten, folks, when a boy got in trouble for buying me Miss Piggy earrings. Then there was first grade when I received the cutest note ever in black magic marker. Oh and third grade when I had the biggest crush on the most popular fourth grader. The list goes on. Call it boy crazy or just not knowing any different, but I’ve always had some version of a modern day boyfriend.

The streak ended about a year ago when I moved from Chicago to NYC and suddenly found myself…single. I mean like really single, not having anyone to watch TV with, no one to be angry at, and no one to come home to and share the latest office gossip with (whether he cared to hear it or not). What the hell did I know about being single? I soon started thinking and acting differently without even realizing it. During my girlfriend days, I could care less if my socks matched let alone if my top was in season. Now I’m planning my wardrobe based on a very calculated formula consisting of charm, appeal, overall hotness and a small dose of comfort.  I found myself having a lot more “me” time and found two very special friends in wine and chocolate (I’m halfway to drooling just typing this now).

New things started to become important to me, like social media, texting, and deciphering whether a man is really that well-versed in fashion or if he’s gay …again.  That’s not to say that all of these were bad things, but it was all just so new and different! After reflecting on my first full year as a single lady (cue Beyonce), I realized all I could really do is laugh and enjoy the adventure. Oh yeah, and make this video.

So I can’t be the only one out there right? What are some of the things you experience being a single lady in (insert city/town/village/pueblo)?


  • Andrea 4 years ago

    I loved it! And So TRUE! NYC is a tough one. But fun as well! Thanks for making me laugh!!