Preserving What Matters Most

JUNE 10, 2014

Photo: Emily Long


I realize that anything worth having usually comes as a result of great effort, persistence and hard work. The harder I have worked for something, the more I cherish it.

As a result, anytime in the past when I worked to obtain a material possession that I thought to be valuable – whether it be a new handbag or a piece of diamond jewelry that I was afraid to lose – I would save it in an effort to make it last longer. However, as I get older and become more and more aware of the fragility of life, it has dawned on me that not all material things should be preserved for later, and really what should be preserved are the intangible things we give, only offering them to those who prove themselves deserving.

I am now coming to terms with the knowledge that my twenties will soon come to an end and I will never again be as young as I am at this moment. So why not take out my best handbags and wear makeup to work every day if it will help me feel more confident and more beautiful?  When I am older and looking back on my life, it won’t matter that my designer bag still lies in my closet intact and unmarked.

What will matter, however, is who I allow into my heart. While the happiness that material possessions bring is temporary, love can be the gateway to a life filled with happiness. This does not mean a life without problems. Instead, it means having the stability that comes with knowing that no matter how bad it gets, I will never be alone in facing those problems. So, while I have made the decision to take my brand name handbags and jewelry out of storage, my heart will remain safely preserved away until I am sure that giving it away will be worth the risk.

I want to ensure that my children one day will have a living and breathing example of what love is when they look at their parents, and that my future son will look at his father and know what it means to be a man. My daughter will learn from me how a woman should allow herself to be treated. For that reason I refuse to settle. I will not let loneliness or public opinion rob me of the happiness and love that I intend to build in my life.

If I should one day become a mother, my children will know the value of hard work. They will respect the things they own, and enjoy them, because they will have earned them.  And I will also make sure to teach them about the value of preserving their hearts.  To never to give in, or to give up, when searching for love.

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