Learning to Appreciate Different Types of Men

MAY 6, 2013

When it comes to dating, many people consider themselves to have a “type”.  Take a moment and think about the traits you look for in a partner.  Maybe you’re an all American gal who has a thing for Latin guys with thick accents.  Or you could be an indie chick who finds herself drawn to dudes in skinny jeans.

I speak from experience, because I used to have a type: tall, balding contractors. As dead sexy as that kind of man sounds, I have in the past few years abandoned my “type” and dated outside the box.  Not every guy I’ve gone out with has revved my engine, but there are a few that have surprised me…

The Doctor

Growing up in a rural community, I always envisioned myself marrying a blue-collar man much like my father. If they didn’t drive a big truck and dip chewing tobacco, I didn’t want any part of it.  But after college I moved downtown and found out rather quickly that those types of guys don’t really exist within the city limits.

By this twist of fate I ended up dating a doctor.  He wasn’t like any of the guys back home – reading novels, going to fancy dinner parties, and wearing tailored suits were prioritized over building tree stands, bass fishing, and watching NASCAR.  At first, I seriously doubted if I could date someone so far from the “mold-of-a-man” I had created in my mind.  It only took a few months, however, for me to realize that reading novels next to a man in bed can be sexy, I actually adore fancy dinner parties, and he looked pretty damn good in a tailored suit.

Sleeve Tattoo Guy

I have never been a fan of tattoos. I’m a pretty conservative-looking gal, and guys with very conspicuous tattoos never really did anything for me. That was, until, I met sleeve tattoo guy. On a warm Sunday night in Key West we drank Coronas and danced to the band with the stars shining overhead. As he leaned over to dip me at the end of the song, I fell head over heels (in the proverbial sense) and didn’t mind the sleeve tattoos one bit – in fact, I realized I really like them. I like to think that I don’t judge people based on their looks, but it took a moonlit, old fashioned romantic moment in the salty air for me to realize how close-minded I had been.

A Man in Uniform

My father was not in the military, and I have no brothers who could have potentially run off to join the Army after high school. That being said, I’ve never really been into soldiers or guys in other heroic professions. But, my eyes have been opened to the sheer manliness that military men possess. Their rock hard abs and bulging biceps don’t hurt, either. I’m not really sure what brought about my newest obsession with America’s Heroes (although, let’s be honest – it was probably Channing Tatum in G.I. Joe) but I’ve really got to start working on my “damsel in distress” act ASAP.

The best advice I have learned from these experiences in my late twenties is to take perceptions with a grain of salt, because people continue to surprise me.


  • Athena Karsera 5 years ago

    Great advice Stefani. Everyone we meet brings something different into our lives, even things we don’t expect them to.

  • JOHN EGBUNIWE 5 years ago

    Good Lesson for a lot of ladies who are busy looking for adonis