Date Nite NYC

FEBRUARY 17, 2013

Photo: Frankie Shlain

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression.  In the complex New York dating scene, we all know that we judge our suitors by what they look like, how they dress, where they work and where they went to college.  Equally as important in forming that first impression and helping you decide if you wouldn’t mind keeping a guy  around for a while is where he takes you on your first, second, third date.

New York City offers so many great options, and where he decides to take you says a lot about him. Is he a self-important big spender just trying to impress you with his wealth because he doesn’t have much else going for him? Is he a hipster that only wants to be seen at the trendiest spots in town? Is he lazy and doesn’t care enough to do a little research to take you somewhere cool? Or is he fun and interesting like the awesome spot he took you to?

My boyfriend took me to Angel’s Share on our first date – a speakeasy in the East Village I had never heard of before. Once we walked through the stereotypical Japanese restaurant, and through a back door we were met with this small, not-so-secret-anymore spot with an awesome mixologist, insanely good specialty cocktails and some small bites. Truthfully, neither of us was sure we even wanted to see each other again after our admittedly tipsy, ‘romantic introduction’ at Brother Jimmy’s a week earlier, mostly because neither quite remembered what the other looked like. But, after seeing him again and walking into this hidden gem of a bar, I was more than intrigued to see where this went.

I have a friend who was taken to Chipotle on a first date. Suffice to say, she never saw him again and I’ll bet he’s still single if he hasn’t changed his ways. Was the conversation good? Who knows, but his lack of effort in putting any thought whatsoever into their first date trumped all else. I’m not saying the guy has to spend a ton of money; he just has to be thoughtful.

Over time my boyfriend and I have realized more and more how huge a role the New York restaurant and bar scene plays in our relationship. Our shared love of great food, great wine and specialty cocktails, and most importantly, our love of trying new things has bonded us more than anything else – which has led to our website  We’ve made it a rule to never go to the same place twice; there’s no need to in a city jam-packed with so many awesome choices.

While it may be hard to find that certain someone, dating in NYC means being able to try out new and exciting spots while you’re meeting new and exciting people. Even if the date was a bust, at least you found a cool place to take your friends and laugh about the awful date you once went on there.

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