A Declaration of Love to My Besties

MAY 29, 2014

Photo by Kate Sinnott

I’m a girl’s girl without question. I mean, do I like hanging out with my guy friends? Of course; the testosterone is nice, but nothing compares to spending time with my like-minded female counterparts. We just get each other, sometimes without words and just with a simple glance.

And yes, girls can be awful and hurtful in harsh moments, but most of time, the right BFF can shape your world into a place of fun, sparkles and glitter, endless sweet treats, hours of giggling and the sharing of only the best secrets. There are countless chicks who have shaped me into the person I am today, and this is a shout-out to a select few.

To my very first friend: Thanks for being my little buddy. Kindergarten was tough, from what I can recall, and I needed another little human by my side. I had fun playing in the sandbox with you and pretending like we could actually read the books in our miniature library. Thanks for being my friend even though I cried everyday for my mom, and didn’t make it through an entire sleepover with you until the 5th grade.

To my best friend in middle school: Thanks for helping me get through those awkward years (read: when I had braces and no idea of the magic that is a flat iron). It’s okay you eventually went to go hang with the cool kids and left me behind, it was for the best. And let’s both admit you were the cooler one between us. I cherish the moments we spent on your trampoline listening to Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears and swapping stories regarding our crushes.

To the girls who have known me since I was 18: You watched me grow me up. I was a young, naive teenager when we met, and you helped me grow into the pseudo adult woman that I am now. You watched me fall in and out of love countless times, you got me through my drunkest and most sobering moments. I will never forget how much we genuinely enjoyed Chris Brown’s music and underage drinking in our first apartments.

To my best friend from college: Four years of college has not gotten me my dream job (or even a rich husband, goddamn it) but it gave me you. We may not see each other as much now, or be as close as we were when our beds were arranged at a right angle in our dorm room, but we cried over that math test and swooned over the lacrosse boys together – things that will connect us forever. No one has seen me wake up in my horrid state more times than you, and I’m pretty sure no one has seen me cry over text books more than you. Thanks for taking me to my first college party and getting me drunk on jungle juice so I would talk to that boy. Too bad I just ended up throwing up that night. Good times though.

To my best friend in London: Thank you for being with me during a super important time in my life. Being 20 and truly on my own (and in a strange place) for the first time was a magical experience that you were part of. Thanks for all those nights with champagne and dancing until the sun came up. And thank you for letting me cry on the kitchen floor Thanksgiving night because he slept with that other girl.

To all my female co-workers: Girl co-workers are just better than the boy ones. It’s the truth. No matter what your job is, there are always the girls that get you through the 9-5 grind or the “omg I want to punch that customer in the face for asking me if there is meat in the wild boar hash” waitressing job. We see each other more than we see our other friends and families sometimes, we see each other hungover and pretending to work so we don’t get in trouble, we Gchat about non-work-related things together, and we bitch about the lameness of our job and share our grandiose fantasies of the dream job we are totally going to have once we quit this one.

To the girl who was, is, and will always be my soul mate: Calling you a friend just sounds ridiculous and will never cut it. You were there when I didn’t know what a flat iron was (there is a clear pattern with my hair issues here), had braces, and couldn’t bear to put contacts in my eyes for fear of poking them out and going blind. We went through the most important times in our lives like high school, college, heartbreaks, alcohol, drugs, employment, unemployment, divorces, marriages, fights, reunions… you get the idea. It’s like we lived through the Great Depression and the Roaring 20’s on loop and I loved every minute of it because I had you to call my best friend.

To my sisters: You are the ultimate best girlfriends because we share DNA. Thanks for getting into trouble with mom and dad with me. Thanks for (sometimes) taking the blame when I needed you to. And thank you for giving me money without questioning what I’m doing with it (87% of the time it’s for responsible things, I promise). Thanks for letting me spill my secrets in confidence and (kind of) minding your business when I asked you to. I’m so glad we got through those really impressionable years together by playing Barbies, watching 90210, and pretending we were TLC. We will always have our fake reality television show and those soon to be matching banana tattoos, because we are giant banana heads!

To my imaginary BFF, Taylor Swift: Girl, you know me better than I know myself. You know exactly how I feel about him when I can’t put it into words and I honestly can ask myself “What Would Taylor Swift Do? (WWTSD)” and find the answer to all my life’s questions in your songs.



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