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JUNE 4, 2012

Photo courtesy of Emily's Entourage

Welcome to the Give section of Quarterlette.  Within this category, we will be highlighting inspiring people and noteworthy organizations that are doing great things and positively impacting one or more quarter-life women.

In this launch feature, I’m thrilled to highlight Emily Kramer-Golinkoff and her newly established non-profit, Emily’s Entourage.

Emily – a University of Pennsylvania grad (and a fellow Lower Merion High School Alum) – was born with Cystic fibrosis.  She has since spent every day battling this disease yet refuses to let her illness take over her life.  After graduating from UPenn, Emily started working in healthcare marketing in Philadelphia and is now also pursuing a Masters degree in Bioethics.

In 2011, Emily added another accomplishment to her already impressive list when she launched an organization called Emily’s Entourage in December – a non-profit devoted to generating awareness and raising money for Cystic Fibrosis.

Within about a month of the launch (ONE MONTH!) Emily’s Entourage raised over $83,000.  If that wasn’t impressive enough, they also received a donation from an anonymous donor matching the total dollars raised by 12/31/11, bringing the total amount to over $166,000 in just December alone!

In the past few months, Emily’s Entourage has caught the attention of the Philadelphia Eagles and Flyers, established strong social media campaigns, and is currently putting together plans for a formal board.  Needless to say, Emily’s Entourage – and Emily herself – both deserve to be acknowledged in a big way and we hope that you share this link with your friends and family to further spread this message.

Please take the time to visit their website – www.emilysentourage.org – and become a member of Emily’s Entourage in support of Emily and all of those who are affected by Cystic Fibrosis.

Emily- You Rock.


Wish to donate right away?  Donate Here!

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Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/EmsEntourage4CF / @EmsEntourage4CF

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