Finding My Calling as an Animal Lover & Advocate

Growing up, my heart would break for animals that I would see roaming the streets and highways alone.  They needed a loving home, and I always wanted to give it to them….

How to Give Back Even If You Don’t Work For a Non-Profit

While getting ready with my friends to go out on New Year’s Eve, I asked one who works finance how her work was going. At our age, we should be proud when…

Fashion With a Purpose: Be stylish and do good

The fashion world can be polarizing – you’re either “in” or “out”, “hot” or “not”, “fresh” or a “fad”. But whether you think the wide world of fashion is fabulous and fierce…

Alicia_Pancreatic_cancer_ pic
My Personal Battle Versus Pancreatic Cancer

Photo submitted by author There is no test to detect pancreatic cancer early. It’s the most lethal cancer there is. Luckily for me, it was found by chance, so I am here…

More than a Vacation

My passion for traveling has allowed me to experience different parts of the world and see some amazing landscapes, try exotic foods and get lost in new environments. Yet, at times, I…

Learning to Fight Pretty: An interview with Fighting Pretty founder, Kara Skaflestad

  Editor’s note: Meet Kara – a quarterlette with a truly inspiring story. At age 26, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Five years later, she is healthy, happy, and running her…

READ for Change

Ten years ago, a trip to Nepal changed the course of my life and career. After a decade working as an attorney and legal recruiter, I traveled to Asia as a volunteer…

Giving Good with GoodyBags

Quarterlette: Tell us about yourselves – education, your career backgrounds before starting GoodyBags? Rena: I got my BS from Cornell University and my Master of Social Work from Yeshiva.  I ended up…

Want to Make a Difference? Be a Little Selfish (and a lot Smart)

On a summer evening a few years ago, I was approached by a sidewalk crusader for one of those charities that sponsors underprivileged kids in faraway countries. I stopped and listened politely…

What if?

Frank had sent all of us an Evite save-the-date over a year ago to mark our calendars for when he’d be running the Boston Marathon.  There was no question in my mind…

Qlette Stands Up to Cancer

    I was so thrilled to be able to attend and cover the Stand Up to Cancer telecast for Quarterlette a last month. To me, there’s nothing more inspiring than a…

Support the Person. Defeat the Cancer.

Having lost my grandmother to cancer, I have always been interested in fundraising events for medical and scientific research. However, it wasn’t until my first Cancer Support Community (“CSC”) Young Leadership Council…

The Kicking Cancer Foundation

During a period of immense change and uncertainty – new job, new apartment, newly single – Jen Scullin decided to invest her time, energy and passion into something bigger than herself: she…

Standing Up (to Cancer)!

Many years ago, in our early twenties, Rachel and I lucked out with the opportunity to attend Condé Nast’s Fashion Rocks concert – a huge celebrity-packed event over at Radio City Music…

The Biggest Closet in Manhattan

Nestled in the hustle and bustle of Penn Plaza, there is an elevator (one of twelve) that takes you to the biggest closet in Manhattan. In a city renowned for its shoe-box-sized…

Emily’s Entourage

Welcome to the Give section of Quarterlette.  Within this category, we will be highlighting inspiring people and noteworthy organizations that are doing great things and positively impacting one or more quarter-life women….