You Just Got Lucky – 7 More Spring Songs

MAY 2, 2013
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Photo Credit: Andy Aupperlee

I couldn’t wait a full month! Daft Punk released their highly anticipated new single, Get Lucky, on the night my last article came out. This is the song of the summer. You are going to want to put it on repeat. Depriving you of this song for a month felt wrong, dishonest, and unfair. So here are 7 more upbeat songs for you, because it’s sunny in Seattle and tulip season and that’s making me happy.

Oh, and if you need more ways to “get lucky”, Virgin has some ideas.

The 7 songs below have been added to both: QL: Spring Songs and Qlette’s Discover This on Spotify.   The full list is embedded below.

1. Daft Punk – Get Lucky                 

  • Sounds… cool, catchy, sing-along. If you can listen to this and sit still, something is wrong with you.
  • Like it? Check out: the highly anticipated new album on May 21st
  • Hails from: the French duo formed Daft Punk after their first band disbanded and their third member joined Phoenix
  • Tour Destinations: TBA… please tour, pleeeeaassseee!

2. Churchill – Change     

  • Sounds… 70% indie pop / 30% country rock
  • Like it? Check out: Gone Too Long
  • Hails from: quintet from Denver
  • Tour Destinations: Europe w/ Pink (May), Midwest (July), Boston (8/1), NYC (8/10), ATL (8/15), Charlotte (8/16), Nashville (8/18), Jazz Aspen Snowmass (9/1) & more! US tour w/ One Republic.

3. C2C (w/ Derek Martin) – Happy             

  • Sounds… electronic (C2C) + gospel/soul (Derek Martin)
  • Like it? Check out: Down the Road, Delta, Because of You, Who Are You
  • Hails from: French turntables
  • Tour Destinations: Mountain View, CA (5/19) & Europe

4. Joywave (feat. KOPPS) – Tongues          

  • Sounds… electro-pop
  • Like it? Check out: free album download here (next best track is All I Want)
  • Hails from: Rochester, NY
  • Tour Destinations: Rochester (5/18), NYC (6/4)

5. Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter    

6. The Knocks (w/ St. Lucia) – Modern Hearts       

7. Empire of the Sun – Alive         

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