Quarterlettes of NYFW: Getting to know Georgine

FEBRUARY 18, 2014
Inspiration Board c/o Georgine

Inspiration Board courtesy of Georgine

Georgine Ratelband, the namesake designer of Georgine, made her Lincoln Center debut this week with a collection true to her own vision, “To create beautiful, chic clothing that every woman will feel great about wearing.”

From anywhere in the Pavilion at Lincoln Center, you could see the clean lines, impeccable tailoring, and luxurious fabrics. As someone who studied fashion design and construction, I was truly impressed with the designer’s attention to detail and sophisticated styling. Only 24, Georgine graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design in June 2011, her thesis collection picked up by the prestigious boutique, SIEN in Antwerp, Belgium.

In addition to designing, Georgine has had to learn all of the ins and outs of running a company.  Although she sites challenging times, she uses the obstacles as an opportunity to learn more. I had a chance to meet Georgine after her Lincoln Center debut and hear about her experience.  Check out our conversation below to get to know this young, talented designer a bit better!

How does the GEORGINE Girl express herself though her personal style? What are some of the traits or characteristics she possesses?

The GEORGINE Girl is a confident woman whose personal style is made up of luxurious items paired with her favorite pieces she has acquired from her travels, local vintage stores and boutiques. It’s a mix of the high and low.

As a designer, how do you express yourself through your personal style?

As a designer my personal style is always evolving, however my aesthetic and overall look remain true to the GEORGINE image. As summer approaches I may find a new way to wear my hair paired with a gorgeous wide brimmed hat or a new way to accessorize my look. As my personal style evolves I work my new styles into each collection.

What was you inspiration for this collection?

This season was inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I examined Hamlet’s transition and descent into madness. I reference that with earth tones such as rich forest greens, browns, and midnight blues. I played with shapes and sizes through pairing body conscious garments with overcoats all while respecting a tailored feminine look. Many of the designs act as metaphors, such as a mirrored neoprene, fused with lace strips to create a broken glass effect. Other fabrics used are luxurious cashmere, lambskin, stretch nappa leather, silk chiffon and perforated silver fox furs.

Quarterlette is website that aims to guide 20-30 something’s through their quarter life, through the ups and the downs. Showing at NYFW for the first time is such an amazing accomplishment! What were some of the ups and downs that brought you to this point?

I could write a book about all my ups and downs! Since I launched my company I have had a lot of very exciting jump up and down and celebrate moments, however, with more success comes more challenges. I have had to spend a lot of time working on production, scaling, shipping logistics and countless other growing pains so many young companies go through. This has presented challenging times with a lot of great opportunity to learn so much.

What has been the most rewarding part of producing this collection? What has been the biggest challenge?

The most challenging moment of this collection has been making sure I got all the fabrics from France and Italy finished and shipped on time. Despite some delays the fabric came out beautifully. The most rewarding part of this collection has been being able to sneak out of the office with some of the outerwear to help keep warm during this exceptionally snowy and cold New York winter!




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