Qlette Hits the Town: A Night to Remember

SEPTEMBER 19, 2013


So, I don’t know about you, but the older I get (I’m about to be 29), the more infrequently my friends and I get together for big nights out.

That isn’t to say that our late-twenties lack any form of social life. There are still the birthday dinners.  The drinks with close friends.  And the occasional party at a crowded bar.  But those big nights out – you know, the ones where you head out with a large group of your closest friends till the early hours of the morning – are few and far between.

But there is a reason for that.

Some of us are married.  Some have moved away from NYC.  Some have high powered jobs that require weekend work.  Some have two jobs and when they do have free time, are pretty freakin’ tired.

That being said, last weekend we put those excuses to rest.

For the first time, in a long time, we had a big night out. And to help us with that, we had the opportunity to test out an awesome new app called NightUp which allows you plan your entire night out with a few swipes on the phone (easy enough!). Through the app, we were able to secure a ride out. Browse a wide range of super fun spots in the city. Reserve a table and drinks at one of those spots.  And share the experience with our friends on social media.

The night went something like this:

10:30pm: Reserve an Uber Ride (a special discount for first time users!). Within minutes of securing our ride we received a text letting us know that the car was waiting for us right downstairs.


10:45pm: Enter vehicle. I wish I could say that a large escalade rolls up to transport me and my friends out and about on a regular basis. But no, that is not the case.  Which is precisely why it made this particular ride that much more fun.


11:00pm: Arrive at destination.  Through the NightUp app earlier in the evening, we were able to reserve a table. With that reservation came a very quick entry into the venue which was Cellar Bar at the Bryant Park Hotel. No line, no difficulties.  No Muss. No Fuss.


11:10pm: Settle in. Within minutes of arriving, we were escorted to a lovely table on the dance floor.  A few more friends arrived.  Dancing ensued.

11:15pmEnjoy.  After checking out our digs for the evening, a bright bottle was immediately sent our way, decked out with a shiny sparkler. Which meant exactly zero trips to the crowded bar. Followed by more dancing.  More friends. And a sigh of relief that this experience didn’t take tons of calls to plan, but just a few swipes on our phone app.

By 2am, as we ventured out of the cellar, my ears were ringing from the music and my voice was completely lost.

But it was worth it. Because the truth is, things will keep changing.  More of us will settle down. Have more demanding careers.  Or flee this town for some far off destination (that’s to you, friend in Dubai).

As we grow up, life will pull us in many directions. But it’s important to still plan nights out, to live in the moment, and to create those memories with close friends…for no other reason than to have a damn good time.


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