Mexican Week – Day Four: Breakfast for Dinner

JUNE 8, 2012
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Breakfast for Dinner – Breakfast Burrito Dinner

SO easy.

Prepare everything as described on day one. Instead of pork, scramble some eggs and use them instead. I also recommend adding bacon to this mix for a breakfast-for-dinner treat you will soon be dreaming about while procrastinating at work….

Other things you can do for Mexican week….

Black Bean and Corn Salad Lettuce Wraps: Black bean and corn salad as described above, plus lettuce. I like some crispy romaine but bib or any other large leaf lettuce will do. BAM. Delish. Don’t forget to sprinkle cheese!

Pork and Black Bean and Corn Sammy: Yeah, that’s right. Take that extra chop and put it on bread of your choice. I like crusty Italian bread or a nice sourdough. Sprinkle with black bean and corn salad and add just a little light mayo. Serve warm or cold.

Mexican Patty Melts: Oh man, these are good. Add like a 1/3 cup of the black bean and corn salad to some ground beef or turkey. Add a generous handful of cheese. Mix together well, broil until cooked through, and serve on a slice of bread. I recommend some lightly toasted rye, if you happen to have some nearby. Serve with some extra salsa for dipping.

So that was Mexican week! I Hope you all thoroughly enjoy the suggestions and begin to experiment on your own! Just remember… every time you cook, and I mean EVERY time, it’s an experiment! So just jump in with both feet, and enjoy the roll of the dice!


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