Mexican Week – Day One: Black Bean and Corn salad

JUNE 5, 2012

I love to start my week with a fresh black bean and corn salad. This item is great because you can eat it by the spoonful and do a million things with it. It’s pretty cheap, and it stays tasty well into the week. This recipe is also great because you can make it super fancy by doing things like grilling your own corn on the cob– highly recommended if you have the time! Also, you can add jalapeño peppers and chopped avocado. Or you can keep it basic. I can eat this with a spoon, but it also works great as a salad topper, veggie burrito/taco stuffing, as a dip for tortilla chips and or side dish.



1) Drain canned corn and black beans (totally acceptable to pour these items into a strainer if you haven’t mastered my mom’s trick of draining canned items with the top
of the can…). Pour both items into a medium sized mixing bowl.

2) Wash and chop about half the bunch of cilantro. Note: for those of you new to cilantro,you really just want to use the leaves so try to remove as much stem from the mix as possible. You also want to reduce the water going into your black bean and corn salad, so dry the cilantro well before chopping it up. Chop the cilantro up well so that there are no whole leafs anymore. The finer the chopping the more evenly the cilantro will distribute. Add this to the bowl of black beans and corn. Also, I like – no – LOVE cilantro. Adjust this quantity to your taste, but I find in the recipe, more cilantro = more

3) Chop finely half the onion and also add to the mix.

4) Add 2-4 heaping spoonfuls of salsa (to taste).

5) – OPTIONAL – Dice ½ the jalapeño and add to the bowl. Mix in well. NOTE: this is not
for the weak hearted! Real jalapeños pack a serious kick! I love them but they are not
for everyone….

6) Squeeze half the lime into the bowl. (Tip: to extract more juice from a lime… stab a fork
into the flesh while squeezing, and rotate the lime around the fork)

7) Add salt, pepper and sriracha to taste.

8) – OPTIONAL- Cut your avocado in half. Chop half without the pit in the center. Cover  the half with the pit with plastic wrap and return to the fridge. Supposedly keeping the pit in will help keep the avocado green while stored. In my experience the odds are
always 50/50 that your avocado will turn brownish when stored unless you press the plastic wrap against the exposed flesh to really keep the air out.

9) Mix everything up well and enjoy!

So simple, but so yummy! If you are new to sriracha and want to use it, add it no more than a few drops at a time particularly if you are sensitive to spicy food. It will quickly start adding some serious heat.

Store your fresh black bean and corn salad in an air-tight container. I like to use the circular plasticware that my steamed dumplings arrive in when I order Chinese food (thanks China Wok!). Be sure to give it a good stir whenever you take it out of the fridge.

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