Dos and Don’ts for Day Drinking

NOVEMBER 29, 2012


Photo: Ashleigh Pinnell

Whether your party plans are for an all-day Homeland marathon or a city-wide bar crawl, the below is your survival guide:


  • Wear sunglasses: It’s hard to maintain a fresh faced look all day long, and sunglasses should hide most of the damage you’re about to do to yourself.
  • Eat and drink (water): Don’t be foolish and try and conserve calories by refusing to eat (you know who you are). This will only come back to haunt you. Trust. Always remember water is your very best friend.
  • Be sensible about your evening plans: If you’re like me, you’ll probably need to be in bed no later than 10pm. But even if you’re a trooper, no parents, first dates, or children should be involved in your night time plans.
  • Embrace it!: Really give yourself over to having a good time with your friends. You’ll ruin a good thing for you and your companions if you complain about the paper/laundry/work you should be doing.


  • Leave the house dressed like its 10PM: No one needs to see all that while they’re trying to enjoy a mimosa and a plate of eggs at brunch.
  • Wear your yoga clothes: If you’ll be out for a while, you need to be ready to go somewhere that requires actual clothes, not glorified sweats. Plus, see above.
  • Cry (or fight): We’ve all seen it (or been there) before. Someone’s too tired, hungry and drunk to still be out but insists on pushing through it so as not to miss out. This won’t lead anywhere good. Know your limits folks.
  • Use it as an occasion to introduce new folks: I want to be nice, friendly and inviting when I meet your new friend/significant other/roommate. But, let’s be honest, that’s practically impossible when I’m surrounded for hours by good friends, delicious drinks and increasingly boisterous conversations. Bring him/her next time.

Editor’s note: Always remember to consume alcohol safely & wisely! 


  • Anna 5 years ago

    Seriously. This is NOT the time for new people. Great advice, ladies.

  • Day Drinking Fan 5 years ago

    personal tip – keep a bottle of 5 hr energy handy… will get you from day drinking to night drinking… whatever you do, DONT take a nap! No one ever recovers.