Befriend (and then barter with) the 3Bs

NOVEMBER 11, 2013


I know better than to be too frugal that I sacrifice fun. I also know the price on the menu is negotiable.

So I make an extra effort to befriend (and then barter with) what I call the 3Bs: Bouncers, Bartenders and Baristas.

Bouncers: I can only imagine if I had to stand outside the club all night working the door, I would want some company. So if my fabulousity doesn’t get me automatically in a club… I always at least ask the bouncer how his night is going, and if he is receptive, I proceed to chat him up.

One of the best feelings in my little world is receiving regular status, going to the front of the line for a catch up session with the bouncer and have the door waiting wide open for me with no cover necessary.

Bartenders: If I got yelled at all night to make drinks on command, what would cheer me up? Compliments. I make an extra effort, once I order, to compliment the bartender. Whether his beard is extra bushy, his cocktail shaking hands are extra quick or his tie/bowtie is extra hip, I try and make him smile. After the “hard work” of frequenting my neighborhood bars, I’ve reached “cheers” status and my drink is practically waiting for me– on the house–when I walk through the doors.

Baristas: Ugh, cranky people craving a caffeine fix would make for a less than ideal workplace. Before I depart each morning, I sip a cup of caffeinated earl grey tea, so I’m bright eyed (and bushy tailed) to order my espresso from the barista. Sipping my espresso at the bar, I ask what beans he is brewing today and go from there. Now at the cafe, I cut to the chase, sip my awaiting espresso, and swap small talk.

Little known fact: everyone is always looking to make a new friend. And friends help each other out (AKA “it’s on me”). Also, it has been my experience that the 3Bs always have an interesting side project they are working on. Ask about it. I have not regretted hearing about the latest underground art project.

Once I’ve successfully befriended the 3Bs, I barter.

Specifically, I trade my social media skills (blog, twitter, & newsletter) for the above special treatment. Befriending and bartering with the 3Bs allows me to make new fabulous friends and be frugal without sacrificing fun.

So smile and say hello to the 3Bs!

XO, Bettie Signet

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