12 New Songs & Artists You’ll Love

NOVEMBER 8, 2012

Human nature tells us to seek a routine and adapt to our environment. Well, Seattleites are very into the indie music scene — fitting with their general hatred of anything corporate. I have always loved music and like to think I keep up with it fairly well, but I found myself way behind the curve when I arrived in Seattle. Luckily, I arrived at the beginning of Seattle’s short, but glorious summer. During this 2.5 months of bliss, Seattle organizes every possible outdoor activity, including some great music festivals. So after attending Capitol Hill Block Party, Summer Camp, and Bumbershoot, and performing my due diligence on the long list of unfamiliar band names, I’ve discovered a lot of new music! Now I recognize that some of you may be indie experts (you should move to Seattle), so I hope you discover a couple of new names on this list.  Whereas, for others, you don’t know what is popular outside of Bieber and Carly Rae – that’s ok, I’m here to help and have included some more mainstream indie bands you should know. Basically, I am hoping to share my love of discovery with all of you. All I ask in return is that you share it back – leave a comment on the great new song/artist you’ve found, or pass the playlist along to your friend. Follow my “Qlette’s Discover This” playlist on Spotify as I add new music – maybe a song you introduce me to!?

1. Walk the Moon** – Tightrope

  • Sounds… fun! Makes you want to jump around, sing along.
  • Heard it already? Check out: The entire album!! Fixin’, Anna Sun, and I Can Lift a Car
  • Hails from: Cincinatti, OH where apparently the lead singer learned how to go back and forth between playing the drums and keyboard and singing in one live song!

2. Passion Pit* – Take A Walk

  • Sounds… cool with a side of techno
  • Heard it already? Check out: Carried Away and I’ll Be Alright
  • Hails from: Cambridge, MA (Berklee College of Music grads… and you thought Harvard and MIT had a good dating pool!)

3. The Wombats* – Jump Into the Fog

  • Sounds… a bit punk
  • Heard it already? Check out: Toyko – Vampires & Wolves and Techno Fan
  • Hails from: Liverpool, England


  • Sounds… Synthpop (aka electropop or technopop), meaning they use a synthesizer
  • Heard it already? Check out: Kill Your Heroes
  • Hails from: Los Angeles, CA

5. The Heavy* – How You Like Me Now

  • Sounds… retro-soul with lots of horns
  • Heard it already? Check out: What Makes a Good Man? or Short Change Hero
  • Hails from: Bath, England (I would have guessed New Orleans)

6. Atlas Genius** – Trojans

  • Sounds… chill and yet, serious at the same time (lyrics like “I’ll sell you a feeling” say it all)
  • Heard it already? Check out: Symptoms and Back Seat
  • Hails from: Adelaide, South Australia

7. White Arrows*** – Coming or Going

  • Sounds… global… a better version of Ross from Friends playing his house music on keyboard
  • Heard it already? Check out: Get Gone
  • Hails from: Los Angeles, LA

8. The Royal Concept** – D-D-Dance

  • Sounds… like Phoenix, an indie band from France… maybe it’s a European thing?
  • Heard it already? Check out: Gimme Twice and Goldrushed
  • Hails from: Sweden

9. Allen Stone*** – Sleep

  • Sounds… upbeat. You’ll want to snap along.
  • Heard it already? Check out: Say So
  • Hails from: Seattle, WA (bonus points!)

10. Katie Herzig* – Free My Mind

  • Sounds… like music to wake up to
  • Heard it already? Check out: Lost and Found
  • Hails from: Fort Collins, CO

11. The Lumineers*** – Ho Hey

  • Sounds… folky
  • Heard it already? Check out: Submarines, Big Parade, and Stubborn Love
  • Hails from: Denver, CO

12. Missy Higgins* – Hello, Hello

  • Sounds… girly
  • Heard it already? Check out: Set Me On Fire
  • Hails from: Melbourne, Australia (g’day mate!)


(*) Danced to at Bumbershoot

(**) Rocked out to at Summer Camp

(***) Sang along with at Capitol Hill Block Party


  • Kathryn Lewis 5 years ago

    I found this really interesting and am forwarding to my Indie friends Thanks for sharing!!!! Enjoyed