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This Is Our Jam is the (mostly) musical brainchild of three friends who, once upon a time, changed their gchat statuses a lot. We love to share music, YouTube gems, and other assorted thoughts with the world. We don’t define ourselves as a critical music blog (we leave all the detailed critiques and musical theory to musicality experts), but rather we aim to be an entertaining source for both finding new music and re-discovering songs and artists that may have gotten buried in your iTunes library. As twenty-somethings ourselves, we’re so excited to be pairing up with Quaterlette to introduce you to some wonderful up-and-coming female musicians who are navigating their own quarter lives while pursuing their passion and making our ears (and iPods) very very happy!

Stay tuned to This Is Our Jam for more interviews, new music, and plenty of boy band throwbacks!



Life On The Road: This Is Our Jam Chats with ZZ Ward (October 9, 2013)