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As a frustrated freshman in college who couldn’t land a summer internship because of her bare resume, Samantha was left with a few unappealing options … babysit, waitress, or slave away in a retail store. Instead, she decided to design and sell her own jewelry to make some extra cash. Ending the summer with a few thousand dollars in the bank, Samantha also had a kick-ass resume.

Putting together her own marketing campaigns, planning her own trunk shows, and proving her entrepreneurial spirit seriously impressed employers. The next summer, as just a Sophomore in college (it was also the height of the recession), Samantha landed her dream summer internship at the acclaimed fashion empire, Barneys New York.

Now Samantha is on a mission to help college women of all ages build a resume that will help them make their dreams a reality.

As Trend Tribe‘s fearless founder and CEO, Samantha is living her life’s purpose of empowering women through business – all while sporting this season’s latest statement necklace.


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