Contributors – Juls


Juls Bindi is the CEO and Founder of ZugoPet. ZuGoPet is a brand of innovative and fashionable pet products, which includes a signature, multifunctional pet carrier. The carrier is revolutionizing the way pets travel, incorporating five functions in one product.

Growing up on her grandmother’s ranch, Juls always had a passion for animals and their welfare. Because of her passion for animals, and from seeing her own dog suffer from severe travel and separation anxiety, Juls knew she had to do something to help her dog and animals worldwide. Juls’ entrepreneurial spirit guided her to design a way to help her dog Russell and other pets suffering with separation and travel anxiety.

In 2013, after four years of dedicated research, safety tests, design patenting and, prototype development, Juls launched ZuGoPet. Juls is passionate about saving and protecting animals, especially from being euthanized. She volunteers with a plethora of animal shelter and advocacy groups. Additionally, she’s worked with the world’s most famous athletes and celebrities, helping them heal physical ailments with love, positive energy and through physical therapy.


Finding My Calling as an Animal Lover & Advocate (April 28th, 2015)