Urban Escapes with Jambu

APRIL 10, 2015


There’s this cramped feeling that comes over me when I’ve been in the city too long. It’s never more prominent than over the summer when the place becomes stuffy (and rather stinky) and I suddenly find myself itching to get out every weekend. For whatever reason that same feeling came over me by the end of this long winter. Perhaps it was a bout of cabin fever from being stuck inside too long during the unrelenting cold and stubborn snow.

What I think my fellow city dwellers and I often forget is that “nature” often isn’t more than a public transportation ride away. Whether it’s DC’s Rock Creek Park (miles of trails within the city limits) or New York’s Cold Spring (just an hour away), you can easily throw on a pair of leggings, your hiking boots and a light sweater and spontaneously find yourself surrounded by woods. Bring along some scrumptious trail mix and a camera and I’ve just described my perfect day.


On a recent trip to my parents’ house in Connecticut I took full advantage of their proximity to the woods (something I hated as a teenager). During my trip, my afternoons were spent photographing our foggy backyard or exploring the local Connecticut Audubon Society Sanctuary, somewhere I hadn’t been since I was a kid. The best part was after a day of fresh air, I easily could have been on a Metro-North train pointing me to NYC, back to the lights and an energizing social scene of a different kind. In this case, though, I choose my fluffy bed and waking up to my parents’ homemade brunch.

The takeaway is that we shouldn’t settle for our environment and stay stagnant because we don’t know the options. Pick your adventure. Make it spontaneous.


Jambu was kind enough to let us test our their Vista hiking boots and we loved them! They’re made for adventure – water proof for splashing through puddles and have an awesome grip if you’re into scaling rocks like I am.   If you’re looking for a good pair, check them out here and use promo code “jambulet” [expires midnight 4/16] for free two-day shipping!

(Photos by Jennifer Prat)

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