Decorating An Apartment, Piece By Piece – Giveaway!

FEBRUARY 25, 2015

Sunset Rocking Chair in White Lifestyle Image

You know those moments that occur while browsing Instagram or Pinterest when you start to feel a small (ok, or large) pang of jealousy as you admire the drool-worthy, perfectly curated homes?  I know those moments well.

I’ve always loved admiring pretty interior spaces.  I’m not much of a fashion girl…my personal style is fairly basic.  But home design?  That’s my jam.  Colorful, patterned pillows.  Fragrant candles.  Fluffy white, cloud-like bedding.  I love it all.

Last year I lucked out when a friend moved out of her rent stabilized, sun drenched studio.  I snagged it from her and couldn’t wait make it my own.  All of a sudden my free time was occupied with home blogs and shopping sites, dreaming up my ideal oasis.  But then reality set in. Furniture is crazy expensive $$$!   Even small accessories have price tags that equate to the cost of a 5 star meal.

In an effort to stay financially responsible, I kept a good amount of my furniture from my previous apartment and instead tried to focus on small things here and there to liven up the space.  A new duvet cover that I had been eyeing.  Making large prints of some of my favorite travel photos and framing them for the blank walls.  Purchasing a dazzling new coffee table as my larger investment piece.

As with many things in life, achieving your ideal end result doesn’t always happen overnight.  It’s best to focus on small goals and enjoy those mini-milestones.  In this case, decorating your space a few pieces at a time, over a longer time frame.

Recently I learned about this awesome online home retailer called Apt2B which offers all sorts of great pieces for relatively affordable prices.  It’s perfect for those of us who want to invest in creating a dreamy space while also being able to still pay our rent for that space we’re creating.   The selection is large…you can pretty much find anything and everything, in a variety of styles.  And, there’s free delivery.   So, with this new retail discovery of ours, we wanted to celebrate Apt2B by offering our readers a fab giveaway (see above image).

Enter the Rafflecopter below to win one of their Sunset Rocking Chairs in the color of your choice and add a little funky, modern sweetness to your space.  *Note: The more rafflecopter items you complete, the more entries you get! Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • April 3 years ago

    this would be so perfect for my nursery!!!

  • Laila Keirstead 3 years ago

    This is really going to give me some good ideas for my apartment. Unfortunately I still have the run the ideas by my husband because he also has a say in how the apartment looks, but I think I can get him to agree on some things. You have to decorate and give life to wherever you may live. It is what makes the home so warm and welcoming. If you don’t decorate, your home is just another building that you happen to inhabit.